FF Greatest Villian

I know most of you will choose sephiroth but i beg to differ. my choice of ff greatest villian is Kefka.

Kefka is an purely evil character who puts up quite a fight. He is also-frickin-lutely 100% messed up in the head. And he has a funny laugh but he is psychotic to the extreme and would sooner destroy the world then help another person. My one minor problem is how he dress but maybe he could plead.

what is your choice ?


Surely Sephiroth. :enguard: p:unch:: :suckah:

I liked Seifer. I don’t know why. I guess I’ll go noobish and say he was “cool”.

sticks fingers in ears
Nothing good will come from this thread…nothing good will come from this thread…nothing good will come from this thread…

Been stated 100000000 times before, but:

Sephiroth wanted to have godlike powers, and never got them. He wanted to destroy the world, and it never happened.

Kefka f*cked up the statues and practicaly became a god with supreme magical powers. He actually did destroy the world, or at least deface it beyond repair.

My Choice: KEFKA

By the way:


Seph killed Aerith…monster…He is so evillll

Kuja to me. None of the other villains actually had a good reason to destroy the world. That and Kuja actually seemed evil, the rest of them were just all “Bwahaha, I do bad things” or “Mommy tells me to SMASH.”

I’ll say Kuja, and then I’ll get the fuck away from here before I start another one of these arguments on who is better/worse because of what.

I’m going to back away slowly for fear of lack of knowledge.

I personally judge villains on an ‘if this were real, who would I hate and fear the most,’ basis, thus my pick is obviously Kefka. Kuja I could understand, Sephiroth is a prettyboy in a hole, whoop-de-scary-shit. Kefka has no reason, and has the power to destroy the world, or at least really fuck it up.

my favorite villain is definitely Sephiroth, because:

  1. i like his look (black, black cape, long silver hair, the Masamune!)
  2. He had awesome theme music
  3. being the first ff i played, i have a bias for ff7
  4. he… killed… Aeris… (sob)

but Garland(ff1) was nearly immortal, that was neat
Kefka is easily the most evil villain (but his look: damn! hate it!) :mwahaha:
Seifer looked cool.
Kuja looked cool… sorta… but tried to destroy all of existance plus several planets
but Ultros was… sad. :ulty:

Choas. Nothing like gang raping the world by not only making it fall apart at the seams, but doing it over and over and over for the rest of eternity. In second comes Kekfa, since he did become a god, destory the world, and lacks the sane mind to buffer pure evil with humanity’s reason. Anyone can kill anybody for any reason, it takes true evil to #($*&# with Creation and Life and succede at it.

Actually, I like Kuja from FF9 because he’s after total domination. But then again, Queen Brahne was also after total domination.

What I’ve said still stands, but I’d be more scared by Kefka if I met him. I mean, a fucked up guy like him, with (even if incompetent, but only against your party, as they usually wipe out any other opposition) armies and magic…I’d rather not meet him, you may never know what his fucked up mind of his may make up.

I am bringing back my old avatar just for this thread.
But is Seifer a villain? Maybe he was a good guy? Was he a “terrorist”, or a “freedom fighter”?
No matter what you think about Seif, he is cool.
Well, he looked kind of cool.

This has been done to bloody death over the last few years… Sigh…

Oh well… Yeah… Keftka gets my vote…

Sephiroth was cool… not as evil as Keftka…

Sephiroth by far has the best theme song “One winged Angel.” Kuja looks awsome when in trance. But i think my favorite is Seymor. His personality seems soft when evil. My favorite line that he says is “What a pity.” And the fact that he is already dead makes him even cooler.

Tell me, if crime fighters fight crimes, and fire fighters fight fires, what do freedom fighters fight?

My vote: Seymour

isnt anyone going to vote for ultros?

Zeromus and sin are equal