FF Fanfic series

A unique FF series, inspired by various sources.

Eidolons are otherworldy beings from another time/space that began to appear in the real world, finding ideal humans to forge a Pact, allowing a Eidolon to tap into the mind of the human to synthesize false proteins and convert itself into a physical form based from a image in the host’s subconscious.

Though the Eidolon has a separate identity from its respective human, it also becomes an integral part of the person, able to possess him or her easily. As a result, should the human die, a bonded Eidolon would simply fade away, like mist. But should the Pact be fullfilled, the Eidolon become a independant being once more.

The Auracite that landed on Earth prior to the Eidolons’ coming came from another time, having unique powers. Garren Nimbus was one of such to possess a shard of Auracite…But so do his allies…and enemies.


Garren Nimbus (Age 15): A young man whose meeting with the Eidolons takes him into a adventure. He believes that people can control their own destiny, but only if they fight for a desirable future. Lives with his older sister Yurina. Thanks in part to his use of a shard of Auracite, Garren can merge with any of his Eidolon partners to fight the evil Eidolons causing trouble in his town.

  • Design: Modeled after Renton of Ereuka Seven.

  • Djinn: The first of Garren’s summons, a wild one who “shoots first and ask questions” later, making him a total opposite to his human partner. Through the pure Auracite shard, Garren and Djinn can merge into Ifrit, a “Firey Warrior” armed with the Flametongue.
    ** Design: Modeled after Flamemon (Digimon Frontier).

  • Gigas: The second of Garren’s summons, a proud manly type. Through the pure Auracite shard, Garren and Gigas can merge into Titan, a “Earthen Warrior” whose fists can shatter the ground.

Allen Reonhart (Age 15): A top student at a private school, Allen is a dark and mysterious, he is focused on nothing else but training to become stronger and to fulfill his life ambition to be strong when he forged a pact with the Eidolon Greiver. He possesses a shard of blacken auracite.

  • Design: Modeled after Sasuke Uchiha of Naruto

  • Griever: Allen’s partner, one of the few evil Eidolons who would risk themselves to protect their humans. Through the Auracite shard, Allen and Griever can merge into Hashmal, “King of Dark-Beasts”.

Yurina Nimbus(23): Garren’s older sister, runs the Hana Bistro that doubles as their home. She cares for Garren like if she was his mother.
Design: Modeled after Aerith (FF7; KH2 style)


Garren’s Theme: Burst Through the Heavens (Gurren Legann)

Djinn’s Theme: Assault! (Digimon 02)

Fractyl2 has been filling me in on his ideas, and I must say he’s got a pretty well developed “series” here, with plenty of good characters, and some nice twists for the classic FF Summons. I look forward to seeing his stories. :slight_smile:

Here’s the story. Though it’s in script format, the detail is improved a bit.

[We open to strange black space we find a mysterious object with a face on it comes flying down onto the planet, with several sparkling lights surround it. Another large object chases it down, a shadowed dragon who uses a energy blast from its mouth to penetrate the barrier of the first as it breaks a wormmhole and enters it as a massive explosion that consumes the space. The wormhole leads to a modern city, with the many lights hovering in the sky above it…Though no one seems to notice, one young man does, Garren Nimbus. His brown hair is curly and his eyes blue. He is wearing blue shorts and a white jacket with red sleeves. In awe of the dramatic light show is playing out across the sky, he gasp as he notices a beam of light coming right for him…As it hits him, Garren thinks back of the events of his day that led to this moment…Flashes, as we zoom to the entire city being consumed in explosion. Then, everything goes black.]

Garren (Voice Over): Fifteen years…That’s how long it has been since I was born, and nothing exciting has happened to me. But, then again, I thought that nothing ever will happen…Until…


TITLE: Meeting, Djinn

[We reopen to a room, a boy’s room. Like any boy’s room, it was a bit sloppy. We zoom to a bed to see Garren resting as he is suddently shaked out of his nap. He was wearing a dark blue shirt with matching pants.]

Garren: Uhhh…

???: It’s about time you got up, you lazy bum.

[He turns to see a firey redhead girl around his age looking down at him with a annoyed look. Her attire was a white shirt and blue pants.]

Garren: Oh, it’s you…Kitt.

Kitt: What does that mean?! Can’t you appreciate that I went to the trouble of coming to wake you up personally?! I’m not hearing any words of appreciation for your oldest childhood friend.

Garren: Ah, thanks, let me sleep a little more…

Kitt: Hey, get up you! It’s time to get up you dork!

[As the two argue, we go downstairs to see the site of lovely Bistro. The yelling was heard by a man in his twenties.]

guy: That Kitt’s kinda sweet to come pick Garren up every morning and he doesn’t appreciate it.

[He turns to see a young woman at her early twenties focusing on the tea.]

Yurina: …Oh, yeah.

guy: Yurina?

Yurina: The teas’ flavor is about to bloom.

Kitt: Hurry up! Ms. Nimbus, we’re leaving now.

[Kitt runs out as Garren follows, yawning. He is now wearing blue shorts that end at his knees, and a white jacket with red accents.]

Garren: See you later, sister.

[We pan out of the Bistro to see the city from a bird’s eyes view as a single sphere of light is seen hovering down towards the city. The scenery changes to a mysterious room with a large computer being monitored by a young woman and other shadowed figures.]

young woman: I’m picking up an abnormal germination energy pattern, Sir.

[A man who face is hidden from view is toying with a cigarette lighter.]

Sir: Is it Them?

[The lady taps away on what appears to be a multicolored touchpad of some sort.]

young woman: I can’t tell yet. But the energy levels of one of the ones that passed through are increasing at an exponential rate. I’ve never seen anything like it!

[We zoom back to Garren and Kitt as they are making their way to school.]

Garren: Fifteen years…That’s how long it has been since I was born, and nothing exciting has happened to me. It’s SO boring!

Kitt: Don’t be so negative.

Garren: It just feels like something’s not right. Like it’s haunting me…

???: You’re haunted alright…By me…

Garren: Did you say something?

Kitt: Say what?

[Garren looks confused as he heard someone, but only he and Kitt are around. The two run off to their school. Kitt ran ahead with Garren taking what he though was a short cut. However, he tripped and crashed into a couple of bikes.]

Garren: I’m sorry. You al…right?

[He recognizes the two as bullies from his school, though this is their first meeting. One was slightly overweight and other lean. The two were done with another kid as he ran off in the confusion of Garren’s crash.]

bully-1: You knocked my bike down. You’re going to pay for that.

bully-2: Yeah, pay for that.

[Sighing, Garren takes out his wallet, which lead bully takes.]

bully-1: Garren Nimbus. What this?

Garren: Just…You’re going throw it away anyway. If I can get it back.

[The two bullies look at eachother and laugh their heads off.]

bully-1: Are you really a man, you’re pathetic!

bully-2: Yeah, pathetic!

bully-1: You’re not worth my time. Let’s go.

bully-2: See ya later

[With that, the two bullies take their bikes ans walk off laughing.]

bully-1: A total wuss!

bully-2: Yeah, wuss!

[A bit annoyed that he couldn’t stand up to the bullies, Garren kicks a can hard. But the can hits a wall and zooms pass him, hitting the lead punk in the back of the head. The second one was shocked as his boss turns to see Garren.]

bully 1: What? You sure man-up all of a sudden?

[The lead bully walks towards Garren, who thought about running. But he relucantly stood his ground instead as the bully is about to deck him. The bully’s fist goes flying as the scene changed to a view of Garren’s school as the bell is heard. Inside the building, Garren is standing outside classroom 5-2 with his back to the wall; he sighs with a black eye on his face.]

female teacher: I heard that. You know the rules-If you show up late, you’ll have to wait.

[The entire class looks at him standing outside and giggles.]

Garren: I…I’m sorry I’m late…

[The entire class giggles again. After school ends, we see thunderclouds are gathering above the city. A strong wind is picking up, blowing paper around the streets. Garren emerges, feeling lousy about his first day back to school.]

Garren: Ah man! What else can go wrong?

???: Stop spazing…

[Hearing the voice again, now sounding louder then before, he looks around. But no one’s there.]

Garren: I must be hearing things. Ohhh, I’m late!

[As he realized he’s late, something is worming out of his shadow. Only a formless face is seem with glowing red eyes.]

???: Tell me what you-

[Garren’s foot sqashes the figure’s face as he’s running home to the Bistro. However…]

bully 1: Hold it!

bully 2: Yeah, hold it!

[…The two bullies were waiting for him.]

bully 1: You said you wanted your wallet back?

[Garren nodded as the bully gives it to him, along with a punch to the face.]

bully 1: That’s interest!

bully 2: Yeah, interest!

[Garren regains consciousness at the park, finding the two bullies lurching over him.]

bully 1: Where is it, I know you took it!

Garren: What?

bully 1: Don’t play dumb! My watch!

[Garren was astonished.]

Garren: Your watch?

[Garren remembered seeing a pocket watch from thre bully’s pocket just before he decked him.]

bully 1: I thought so…

[smacks Garren upside the head]

bully 1: Just admit you stole it and take me where it it.

bully 2: Yeah, admit you stole it!

Garren: I don’t know where it is, honestly!

[With that, the bullies start to pummel Garren. To make things worst, no one’s around to stop it. Garren hits the ground with a thud.]

Garren(Voice over): I’m sorry sister…I guess I’ll be more late then I though. Someone…Help…

[Garren loses conscious as the bully attempts to shake him back up. By then he notices something around Garren’s neck. It was a neck with a small clear crystal shard attached to it. Seeing it to be fair, the bully attempts to ripp it off. However, Garren’s grabbed the bully as his eyes open up and the pupils were a burning crimson. As he shoved the bully off him, Garren’s hair spikes up. But clear by the way this guy acts, he’s not really Garren.]

“Garren”: Finally, it’s my time…

[We zoom to the the mysterious group’s tracking system.]

young woman: It’s a big one. Realization is now imminent. Sir, your orders!

Sir: I’m interested to see what this one does. Keep tabs on it.

[Back at the park, “Garren” takes off his jacket, revealing a black vest.]

“Garren”: This guy’s my host…So I’ll be in big trouble if he should die, you idiot. So don’t think I’ll stand just by you to beat him to a bloody pulp…Now, let’s have some fun.

[He jabs the lean bully in the gut, taking him out. The lead bully tries to avenge his pal with his fist. But “Garren” uses his jacket to block the attack, tossing it into air as the astonished lead bully recieves a series of powerful spinning kicks to his chest. The last hit sends the lead bully sliding down along the grass. “Garren” than picks up a nearby stick, using it Kendo-style on the lean bully as he got up. Knocking the punk over to his boss, “Garren” generates a firey aura as the two freak out.]

“Garren”: Don’t run, mt final attack is about to unleased! Now…

Garren: Drop it!!

[“Garren” stops before the attack hit, struggling as his arm drops the weapon. By then, the two bullies had faint.]

“Garren”: Heh? Why are you interfering, I’m just about to win.

Garren: Who are you?


Garren: Stop it!

[“Garren” gets on his knees from a painful strain, with Garren regaining control over his body. Garren looks around seeing the two bullies unconscious, freaking out at what he did and runs off. Unaware that someone had been watching the whole thing, a girl with short blonde hair who seemed surprised by Garren regaining control more than him being possessed.]

???: No way. He suprassed it. Could he be…

[Garren eventualy got his breath, still freaking out on what just happened.]

???: Hey, why you go ruin my fun like that?

[Garren notices the voice coming from his shadow, as the figure emerges and takes on a semi-physical form; child-like being with spiky hair, similar to the posessed Garren’s, but with greatest volume. His face, though resembling a child, has a dog’s nose and pointy ears. The only articles of clothing that he is wearing are shorts and a pair of glooves. The figure also had a tail sticking out from behind, as firey-looking as his hairstyle. Garren looks shocked at the sight of this strange being as he remembered that strange dream with a beam of light coming right for him.]

???: You’re a strange one, aren’t you…Oh well. Tell me your desi-re?

[He noticed trying to Garren run away, blocking his escape route.]

???: Hey, don’t run when I’m about to make you a offer!

Garren: You’re that Ghost I saw months ago!

???: Who are you calling a ghost!?

girl: It’s no ghost…That thing in you.

[Walking from behind was the blonde girl. She was wearing an school uniform of sorts. Not liking that nosy girl, the figure fades back into Garren. Garren is astonished.]

Garren: It’s in me? Who are you?

[The girl noticed Garren’s necklace, now more convinced on revealing herself to him.]

girl: It took me a while but I’ve found you. You need to come with me.

[A loud sound is heard as a strange looking airship lands in the factory in front of Garren.]

Garren: I don’t think I have enough energy to run for that.

[With that, the two kids enter the airship as it flies into a wormhole. Back at the shadowed location.]

young woman: We’ve lost the signal.

Sir: We were so close…

young woman: Wait! There’s another signal. It’s going to breach.

Sir: Pinpoint the location!

young woman: Location-the Park.

[A sphere of light enters the bully, with a figure emerging from his shadow. The figure assumes a form different from the other one. This one looked like thick, squat gnome with a big nose and big fists. This one is the Goblin, who’s appearence is witnessed by another girl. This one long pink hair tied up fair pale skin, smily evilly as the Goblin approaches the human he bonded to as he wakes up.]

Goblin: Tell me your desire. Any desire…And it will be done. I ask only for one thing in return…


Here’s the second half to the first of a new series.

[We open to a psychadalic-looking dimension, seeing the giant Airship Bahamut flying in view on its twin thrusters. It resembles a blue dragon from one’s point of view due to shape of the bridge and the way the wings were arranged. Below the bridge is a cannon-like structure which is inactive for now. We fade to the inside to resume the story at the cabin. We see the juicebar of sort where a strange girl, whose all smiles, is working behind the corner as Garren and the other girl arrive. Garren is astonished, seeing not just the juicebar, but also notice stairs near by to another room above. The strange girl, notices them. She wears a almost-tight fitting one-piece dark blue uniform with a apron and matching blue tiara. The girl wears a pair of glasses over her blue eyes and has long lite indigo hair.]

strange girl(smily): Welcome to the Bahamut…I’m Chintan, but you call me “Chintan-chan”. You like something to drink?

Garen: I don’t know…

Chintan: Smile-Smile! It’s no charge, really. Smile-Smile, ya!

[She gives Garren a glass with a strawberry smoothie and, deciding not to offend the server, drinks it. Within seconds of ingesting, his eyes are close to being teary due to the taste.]

Garren: It’s really good

???: I wanna try!

[The strange being emerges from Garren’s body. Only this time, his form somehow now physical. Compared to Garren, the thing was shorter with spiky gold hair, red eyes. Garren blinked as the thing takes the boy’s glass as his own and drinks from it while sitting on a nearby stool.]

Garren [astonished]: No way…

Djinn: Yummy-Yummy!

[Garren nearly collapses from the sight of the thing that was in him. Fortunely, the girl grabs him before he can fall.]

girl: You alright?

Garren: Am I…really going nuts?


TITLE: Burn Up, Ifrit

[The girl helps Garren to a seat to a nearby table as mysterious enity watches from the stool he’s sitting on, laughing as Chintan gets him another smoothie.]

???: You’re weakly funny.

girl: Cram it!

Garren: Sorry…

girl: It wasn’t you fault. I wonder, can you tell me your name?

Garren: Garren…Nimbus

girl(sadded): I see…

[Garren was a bit confused as the girl resumes acting her usual self.]

girl: Well, mine’s Sami. And that’s a Eidolon, or that’s what we call them.

[She points to the Eidolon as he finishes drinking and yells for seconds.]

Garren: Eidolon?

Sami: Yes. They’re beings from another timespace that came here.

Garren: A timespace?

???: She means another place and another time. Think of it as a alternate universe if you like.

[Garren looks over to the stairs to see a boy coming down. He wore black bermuda shorts and a white T-shirt with a red collar. Around the boy’s neck was a silver neck, baring a diamond-shaped charm. Upon seeing him, Garren was astonished to see that boy’s face, though his blond hair was spikier, was identical to Sami’s right to the blue eyes.]

Sami: Bro!

Garren: Bro?

[Sami runs over to her male doppleganger and hugs him, as Garren is shocked.]

???: Huh?

Sami: Oh! This is my twin brother, Raito. Raito, this is Garren.

[Compared to his sister, Raito is more serious as he gives Garren a look over, making our hero feel uneasy. While looking he sees the necklace that his sister, with a clear crystal attached to it. Once he’s looking Garren over, Raito walks over to the juice bar just as the Eidolon is about to drink. Raito takes it, making the guy mad.]

???: Why you!

[The Eidolon was about to lunge at Raito, when the boy flicked him in forehead hard. At the same time, Garren feels something on his forehead, rubbing it. Somewhat satsified with his observation, Raito walks back to join his sister and Garren at the table while the miffed Eidolon asks for another smoothie from Chintan.]

Sami: Garren, you’re alright?

Garren: It’s just my forehead.

Raito: As I my sister explained to you before I interupted, Eidolons come to this world with one thing in mind…Because they have no bodies of their own, they must act through the first human that encounter by entering their body, using their memories to create phyiscal forms as the foundation of the Pact. However, though originally separate, the Eidolon becomes an integral part of the person, whatever harm the human feels, so does the Eidolon and sometimes vice-versa if the Pact is strong enough. In other words, they become one and the same…Until the Pact is resolved.

Garren: Pact?

[We change the scene to a pitch dark rain-stricken night, the brief flashes of lightning illuminating dead bodies in the mud. Among these mangled bodies, surrounding him, is a semi-shadowed boy standing, his black hair plastered by the rain. He clenches his fists as he look up to see a entire town set blaze. In the middle of the blaze is a solditary figure, silhoutted with only his souless eyes seen. A deep soft bellowing is heard in the area as he get a closeup of the shadowed boy…]

[The scene fades to the same boy, only a few years older, he is wearing a cloak. His shoulder-length raven black hair falls along the sides of his face, sticks up slightly. He sits in a shadowed room by himself while attempting to meditate before a bowl of incense in vain due to being haunted by the memory of his past. Then the sound of something whistles in the air as the young man opens his onyx-colored eyes, his bishounen face smoothing out. In a split second, he took out a sword and cut the object flying towards him, a tennis ball. He places his weapon away with looking back towards his attacker.]

boy: Your lacking…effort in such a attack. A warrior waits for the opportune moment to strike, quietly. It won’t impress me, Otome

[His “attacker”, is the mysterious girl who witnessed the Goblin’s manifestation. She had long pink hair with fair pale skin and brown eyes. The girl wears a semi-goth dress with a hoop skirt that has a massive palatine purple trim. Though serious at first when coming in, once she sees the boy’s face, Otome goes like putty as her eyes sparkle at what she sees to be the one she wants to spent the rest of her life with.

Otome: Oh, Al. Someday, cupid’s arrow will strike and your thirst will be quenched my your Otome…

[Once that is out of her system, Otome gets serious.]

Otome: Unti thenl, I 've came to report that another Eidolon has emerged.

[Allen is interested in this topic. We change to a public part of the park, it’s nice clear day with children playing. A jogger just finished his run as he takes out his stopwatch. But suddently, the ground below the jogger erupts as he is burried up to his neck in dirt. Underground, we find the Goblin burrowing his way back up top with the stopwatch in hand. He surfaces to the lead bully who almost killed Garren, presenting him the watch…Back on the Bahamut, Garren’s a bit confused of the term “Pact”.]

Garren: Pact?

Sami: It’s bond between a human and a Eidolon, it’s what makes them both one. In order to break free of it, Eidolons needs to grant the desires of the humans they are bonded to, something taking from them in return…

Garren: You mean their lives?

Raito: Usually not the case. The “something” is one of equal value, something most valuable to that person. Everything has a price, even Pacts. But a Eidolon without a desire to act on will no be a threat and therefore powerless.

[Though offend the Eidolon as he refuses to stand by and be insulted.]

??? (jump off the stool): Hey! Don’t lump us! I’m MUCH stronger!

[As he got too close with violent intent, Sami slapped the Eidolon as a warning to back off. Sadly, Garren felt it.]

Sami(panic): Ohh, Garren, I’m so sorry!

[As the Eidolon was grumbling as his rubs his right cheek, he listen to Raito’s next question.]

Raito: Not when did you possess Garren?

???: Well, It was the summer…I been in him ever since

[Garren recaps to that blurry memory of a summer night.]

Raito: So, in other words, you were off the radar…I wonder why?

Garren: Wait just a minute! If were in me for so long, why appear now? And aren’t you going to ask me what I wish for?

[The twins gasp at Garren’s request as the Eidolon smiles evilly. However, the Eidolon has other plans.]

???: …No.

[Now mad, Garren grabs the Eidolon with intent to throttle if he does’nt get a answer.]

Garren: Why not!

???: First off, you can’t hurt me without hurting yourself. Secondly, I had originally intended to do just that. But I came to thinking, after giving it much thought, I think being with you is a really good thing.

Garren: Huh?

Twins: What?

Chintan: But aren’t you suppose to some kind of genie?

???: Genie? Sound’s cool, call me “Djinn”.

Garren and twins: Djinn?

Djinn: Listen up Garren, I don’t want any trouble if you get killed. So, let’s get along. We’ll be in this together for a while.

[With that Djinn fades back with Garren, leaving the boy speechless as he starts to feel motion sickness. Within minutes, Sami escorts Garren out of the Bahamut and back into his normal time, right at where they departed from.]

Sami: Are you alright?

Garren: I’m fine. I think everything just came too fast.

[By then he noticed a pocket watch on Samy’s person, the same watch that the lead bully had.]

Garren: Where did you get that?

[The girl noticed the watch and took it out of her pocket]

Sami: This…I found it when I first entered this timespace. I musta have forgot about it.

[She gives the watch to Garren as he looks it over.]

Garren: That guy was looking for it. Well, I guess I can find it.

[We seen Garren and Sami making their way to where Garren first encountered the bullies. They see only the skinny sidekick bully, deciding to stake him out. However, a spider lands on Garren’s head and Sami notices it as she points it out, with Garren freaking out as he tries to get the spider off him. But in the the process, he attracts attention from the bully. Horrified to see Garren, he tries to run away with the two in pursuit. After they caught him and some explainations are made, the bully sidekick decides to explain what occured.]

Bully: Takahi…He hadn’t been the same since you beat us. If that watch is really important to him, please give it back.

Sami: Do you know where he is?

[The bully sidekick nods as Garren and Sami arrive to a large building, where Takashi’s staring over the city. His eyes were glazed over and face without expression, as if he’s under a spell.]

Garren: Takashi…Is this yours?

[Turning away, Takashi limps over towards Garren and Sami with his hand outstrentched.]

Takashi: Give it…Give it back…My grandfather’s watch.

???: Good, It is yours?

[Suddently the Goblin erupts from Takashi’s shadow and jams his fist into Garren’s gut, grabbing the watch as it is sent flying. With the watch in hand, the Goblin gives it to Takashi as his facial expression is filled with joy.]

Takashi: Grandfather

Goblin: Me thank you, me never find without you. Now, to what me deserves, your most precious thing…your memory.

[With that, Goblin thrusts his fist into Takashi’s chest. As the boy screams in pain, the skies darken as a giant gate materizes. Getting what he needed, the Golbin gets airborn and enters the gate as Takashi collapses with Garren catching him.]

Garren: You alright?

Sami: We’re too late…He jumped.

Garren: Where?

Takeshi: …March 28, 2004…

Sami: You remember what happened?

Takeshi: That day…I having a good time. but…I didn’t know that my grandfather was dying. This watch is I have of him…But I wished I could had seen him one last time.

Sami: Let’s go.

Garren: Wait a second! What about Takashi?!

Sami: Don’t you remember what we told you about the pact? When a Eidolon takes a person’s memory as price, it has but one goal: To change time.

[Suddently, buildings are seen dissolving with the giant gate starts to sucking in the particles. Garren is horrified.]

Garren: What’s going on.

Sami: What you are seeing. Is being create from the past.

[We zoom to 2004, seeing the people screaming as explosions are occuring and buildings crumbling with something burrowing underground. Soon, the Goblin jumps out of underground, taking joy from seeing the damage he’s causing…and the sight of people screaming. The later causes Goblin is generate a menacing aura around him.]

Goblin: Yes…these cries feel my heart with such power.

[Back at the present, the Bahamut emerges from timespace as Sami runs over to the airship as it opens.]

Sami: We’re going.

Garren: To the past?

Sami: Where else? If that continues, it’ll be a diaster. Everyone will be dead.

Garren: I still don’t get it all…But I understand I have to stop this.

Sami: That’s good enough for me.

[We open to a shadowed chamber as a figure starts up Bahamut’s engines for maxium thrust.]

???: Bahamut, GO!

[Bahamut zooms into the open gate, speeding across time/space moments of past history are seen by Garren, Djinn, and the twins through the windows. Soon, the Bahamut arrives to the past time. With Raito accompanying them out, Garren and Sami run out to see the damage, the city looked like a war ravaged it. Within the the chaos, the trio find the Takashi of that time, with a look of shock on his face. He and his friend were to have a good time today what he’ll learn to be his grandfather’s lst day alive. A explosion knocks him down as Sami and Raito help him back up. Garren was

Sami: Get up! Use the Auracite to fight him!

Garren: Me fight? I can’t do that… And what’s Auracite!

Raito: What are we going to do with you?

Garren: Huh?

[By then Garren hears the sound of a little girl crying nearby by, finding her near some rubble.]

Garren: Hey, what are you doing? It’s dangerous here!

[The girl was in her own world, sobbing]

girl(whimpering): Mom-my…dad-dy!

Garren: Wait there! I’m coming!

[He tries to make his way to the girl until the Goblin emerges from the ground, only he’s more human-like in size.]

Goblin: Ooh, me find a little girl.

[The girl was too frighten as the Goblin starts to approach her.]

Garren: What do you think you’re doing?!

Goblin: Terorize her! Her despair will make me stronger! You’re not of this time, so beat it!

[With that, Goblin takes a swipe at Garren, knocking the back as the little girl yelps. While Sami runs to check on Garren, Goblin walks over to the little girl with Raito getting in the Eidolon’s way]

Goblin: Now, give me a nice scream too, you’re last will be best…

Sami: Wake up!

[Sami tries to snap Garren up until Djinn takes over, very angry. As the Goblin as about to kill Raito, D-Garren throws Garren’s jacket, blinding him as Raito uses this chance to grab the little girl and whisk her from harm. A shadowed figure watches the whole thing before walking off, as if the site of a city under attack has no effect on him. The Goblin sees D-Garren]

Goblin: Me see…Why don’t we team up?

[The Goblin notices D-Garren’s fists as before seeing D-Garren’s face full of rage as he generate a aura of flames.]

D-Garren: Attacking someone weaker than you! It’s unforgivable!

[D-Garren flares up at instant, his flames exploding and expanding towards the Goblin. But suddenly, the flames double back and encircle D-Garren in a perfect circle of fire. Inside, D-Garren yells in rage as the Auracite on his person flares up, causing Garren to emit his personal light as Djinn’s semi-physical being covers the human as his silhoutted body is slightly force-grown with firey armor forming on his body. The new being’s eyes open as he flares up with a firey aura.]

Ifrit: Burn up!

[We get a good view of the newly born Ifrit. He’s about the size of a 17 year old wearing curved armor that looks like magma. There were armor flame designs covering it, laced with fissures that glow as if they were molten rock. Djinn’s features are more prounced as Garren’s hair is now more spiky and turned a golden color while now longer to cover almost most of his back. He wears a mask that covered his upper face, ending in two sharp points above his face. We see his eyes are now a more red then before. The strange crystal Garren has is now projecting from the center of his chest as not only part of the armor but now red as a ruby. Ifrit charges at a shocked Goblin, punching him into a wall. The twins notice the power boost.]

Sami: Such power!

Raito: Impossible! A Junction?!

[Goblin gets up annoyed with this change of plans]

Goblin: Blast it, you forget our mission!?

Ifrit: Musta had slip my mind…Or rather, I see this being more fun. And that’s a good enough reason for me, I don’t really care whose side I’m on!

Goblin: Huh? Now me have to put my hands on you and teach a lesson!

[He reaches into the ground, pulling out a giant spiked hammer and begins to swing it at Ifrit, who dodges before grabbing the hammer.]

Ifrit: Hey…Someone’s gonna get hurt, namely you.

[Goblin pushes up and he ends up on the roof with Ifrit. Ifrit takes out his Flametongue sword and charges at Goblin, who uses his hammer to block every hit. But Ifrit uses a headbutt to knock Goblin off the roof, only for the to spin like a drill and burrow into the road below. Ifrit jumps down to find Goblin borrowing out from another hole.]

Goblin: That it? That best you can do? That pathetic! Even make pathetic look good!

[With that, Goblin borrows another hole, creating several holes. He pops up behind Ifrit, but Ifrit spins around and slashes Goblin away.]

[He turns and sees Goblin, whose Goblin Punch knocks him over. Infuriated, Ifrit creates a fire orb and flings it down a hole, with Goblin watching from another hole near by, chuckling. That was until he hears a rumbling from below. Suddently, all the holes erupt with streams of flames. Goblin is screaming as he lands on the ground, dropping and rolling.]

Ifrit: This is my kind of fight!

Goblin: Me beg for mercy.

Ifrit: Sorry, all out of it…It’s over!

[The blade of Ifrit’s Flametongue extends and becomes a firey whip he swings it in the air before cracking it.]

Ifrit: The Final Blow!

[He flings the whip at Goblin, destroying him in its flames. With that all done, Ifrit makes a “super cool” pose out of excitement.]

Ifrit: It’s amazing! It’s freak’n AWESOME! Super awesome!

[Soon, the city glows and heals itself up, looking as if the Goblin never attacked to begin with.]

Ifrit: Huh?

Sami: Look like we saved it before it completely dissappeared.

Ifrit: Heh?

Raito: As long as there to those who can remember, aknowledging today and are allowed exist tommorow and after, this time will exist. Time is built on memories…

Ifrit: Memories…

[Ifrit turns to see Takashi, still unconscious. Back in the present, Allen is busy meditating until his eyes open up, as if he sensed the Goblin’s demise.]

Allen: This overwhelming power…Could this mean…

[Back on the Bahamut, Djinn materializes as he resumes drinking his smoothie]

Djinn: That sure was fun?

Sami: Somehow we did it.

[When Garren comes in, Raito grabs him]

Raito: Hey! You’re not suppose to do that.

Garren: It was just one little thing.

[We see Takashi waking up outside the hospital room of his gransdfather. Walking in he sees his grandfather’s time almost up as he gives his grandson his watch. In the present, after sunset, the Bistro with only Yurina remains as she and Garren live there. Garren runs in, startling Yurina.]

Garren: Sis, I’m so sorry I’m late!

Yurina: It’s okay, I’m glad you’re back.

[She hugs Garren as on the Bahamut, Djinn gets as warm and fuzzy]

Djinn: Oh Sis…You’re so warm.

Raito: What did he say?

[Back at his lair, Allen faces the window, looking out at the starry night. His shadow glows as a shadowed figure emerges from it.]

Greiver: Allen, is this what you truely desire?

Allen: I want to be strong. That’s all. I have seen the path before me! The Strong shall endure…The weak dashed into oblivion. That’s my path!

[The Eidolon fades away before Allen then turns, glowing a golden fire aura around him, with the shape of a lion.]


Fract: I finally got around to read the story and comment on it. Sorry it took so long, but I’ve been busy. OK, let’s pick the nits first:

-I can understand your use of the “movie script format.” It’s good practice if you are planning to someday write professionally. However, here it kind of takes away from the reading. For example, the part where Garren pursues the second bully, should have been described in a more active way, instead of being reduced to a blurb. It’s nothing too bad- just some advice from my part.

-There were lots of misspellings, particularly on part 2. OK, normally I pay no attention to these (this is FAN FICTION, not a professional, finished product) but some were just too noticeable. For example, you said “neck” when you meant “necklace” several times. You need to proofread these things better. If you have a spellchecker, run it everytime after you are done writing. If you don’t have one, you can get free ones online, just google them up.

-I’m noticing similarities here to Kamen Rider Den-O (which I know, from our conversations, is a direct influence.) But it’s a little TOO similar; the story sounds like Den-O but with FF concepts inserted. I think you should eliminate the time-travel element to make it more distinctive. If you wish, of course; it’s a fanfic after all, so you can do it anyway you want. Just my opinion.

-You might want to make the chapters shorter for easy of reading.

Ok, now for the good points:

-The story works well as a typical shonen high-fantasy story. The characters are well-described and intriguing.

-It is intriguing (for those of us fans of Final Fantasy) to see how the various concepts (Summons, etc.) get used here.

-The pacing is good, slowing down during the more personal scenes (like Garren getting beaten) but picking up when introducing the fantasy elements.

Overall, I’d say that this is a pretty good Fanfic, marred only by a few annoying things, but nothing that can’t be corrected easily. It has potential, and I hope you develop it more. Good luck!

The third story’s up.

[We open to a hidden room, almost pitch black, where five humans are tied up as five orbs of light enter them.The humans are silhoutted and unconscious.]

Al: I see you let the other one go.

Otome: Well, that Eidolon already manifested from him.

Allen: Good. When a pact is form, Eidolons feed on the darkness within the mind to get stronger. Those who can’t protect their humans to complete themselves, or overexert before completing the desire, don’t survive. They fade with the wind, forgotten. That’s the nature of the Pact.

Otome: It’s like you say. You’re cold and strict nature, Al, it’s lovely!

Allen: Behold.

[Five shadowed Eidolons soon manifest from the humans, with Allen hinting a smile…]


TITLE: Bond, Garren and Djinn.

[After a long day pf working around the Bistro, Garren is getting ready for bed. However, he feels exhausted from the strain Djinn on his body during the fight. He makes his way to bed and gets some sleep. A minute later, Djinn enters Garren’s body.]

D-Garren: Finally. Being so easily tired, Garren works to my adventage.

[He heads down stairs to the fridge, eating and drinking from it while making a mess. Then he bleeches as he heads over to the door.]

D-Garren: Now to go out and find some fun.

[D-Garren is about to walk out when Sami is waiting outside to welcome him with a punch to the gut. D-Garren reels hard.]

Sami: What do you think you’re doing!?

D-Garren: You don’t have to hit hard!

Sami: You’re not suppose to show up unless a Eidolon’s around. You gonna get Garren in-

[He covers her mouth with his hand.]

D-Garren: Stop it. I smell a Eidolon. You say I can’t take over unless a Eidolon appears, right? Well, NOW IS…THE TIME!

[With that, D-Garren runs off as Sami is speechless at being outwitted. At another part of the city, we see a large ox-like Eidolon lumbering in view as a few homeless people run off when he starts attacking a condemned building that live in with a headbutt. His form is bulky with a ox-skull facade on his chest armor, with a thrid eye on his forehead and a flowing mane that ends around around the monster’s back. This ox-man Eidolon is the Catoblepas.]

Catoblepas: This is what the taste of screams is like. You should be honered to give me your power!

[He was about to headbutt the building again when D-Garren arrives]

D-Garren: Yo. Can I play with you?

Catoblepas: Who are you? Beat it!

[The Eidolon charges but D-Garren jumps out of the way with Auracite in hand.]

D-Garren: Don’t freak, just watch! Junction!

[D-Garren becomes Ifrit, assuming a superhero pose as Sami arrives a bit annoyed.]

Catoblepas: I see. You’re the traitor I’ve heard of?

Ifrit: Traitor? I always wanted to do this!

Catoblepas: No matter. You’re through!

Ifrit: So what. But I’m warning you right now, I have got mad power skills.

Catoblepas: Big talk! This is POWER!

[Catoblepas runs at Ifrit who gets knocked off his feet by the brute’s strength. Ifrit reels from the blow to the stomach.]

Catoblepas: With all my power going straight forward, there is none who can counter it!

[He then kicks Ifrit into a wall, rendering the hero unable to defend himself.]

Catoblepas: What you do think of my power!?

[Before he can deliever the deathblow, Catoblepas’ body starts to fade as fist phases through Ifrit’s head.]

Catoblepas: I forgot that can’t use my full-power yet. I let you off for now.

[The Eidolon runs off. Ifrit is about to follow, starting to get sluggish as he stops.]

Ifrit: Garren, you’re like a car losing fuel.

Garren(Voice): Djinn? what are doing?

[Ifrit is surprised]

Ifrit: Oh, Garren, you’re up? Can we talk about this later?

Garren(Voice): This is my body. Get out!

[Djinn is forced out as Ifrit regress to a tired Garren, who collapses with Sami catching him. Meawhile, we find a man in his thirties trying to get into a closed construction site. Catoblepas appears from behind, annoyed with his human as he grabs him.]

Catoblepas: Once a pact is made, it must be fulfilled by a Eidolon…One way or another.

[On the Bahamut, we see Djinn and Garren getting into a heated argument with Sami and Raito watching.]

Djinn: I’m sorry right!

Garren: Look, hijacking my body’s one thing. But you made a mess out of the bistro!

Djinn: But you guys got it cleaned before anyone got the wiser.

Garren: No thanks to you! You just don’t get it.

Djinn: What’s there to get?

Raito: But to the point, people are going to ask questions if you do that kind of stuff. Therefore, you are to stay on the Bahamut until Garren calls for you.

Garren: That’s not going to happen.

[With that, Garren takes his leave with Djinn shocked.]

Djinn: Hey!

Sami: I’m not that surprised

[As Sami decides to follow Garren, Djinn shakes off their words with much gusto.]

Djinn: Like I care…Garren’s too weak. Unless he works out some time, he’ll be back on his knees.

[As Djinn goes to get something from Chintan, a mysterious figure enters the cabin. He’s in his late thirties by the look of him in spite of being silohutted. Back within normal time.]

Garren: That guy’s a jerk!

Sami: But you need him as much as he needs you. Just go home and get some rest, we’ll find the Pact Holder tommorow OK?

Garren: …

[He walks off with Sami looking worried. Back on the Bahamut, Sami finds Djiin doing some cleaning at Chintin’s stand as she’s resting.]

Sami: What’s going on?

Raito: Well, as Djinn won’t be fighting, the Captain wants him to earn his keep this way.

Sami: He gave him that speech?

[Raito nods as Djinn continues wiping the counter and floor clean.]

[At the badguys’ hideout, the five Eidolons spar with each other as Allen watches with interest. The five were shadowed, with one being a humanoid human with wings, another a large armored figure, the third a bird-like being, and the other two were completely shadowed.]

Allen: These Eidolons will do.

Otome: Al, so strong…

[Allen turns to face Otome]

Allen: Make yourself useful, Otome. Check on that one you let loose.

[A bit dissapointed that he’s indifferent to her feelings, Otome nods before walking out of the room as Allen approaches the five Eidolons.]

Allen: Listen to me, which do you desire…To die or to follow me!

???: Obey… iss what you will do!

[The five charge at Allen with intend to harm…A close up of his eyes turning a errie gold, with the image of a leonoid’s face on his pupils.]


[The next day, as the sun is about to raise, we see Catoblepas’ human driving a crane and wrecking ball down the road toward the abandoned building. Once there, the man uses the machine to bring the building to the ground as its occupants made it out in time. The host emerges and within seconds, collapses as Catoblepas emerges from the human’ body with his hand still inside the man’s head.]

Catoblepas: I’ve finally grant your wish, now I get rid of what you cherish.

[As he searches, Otome walks into the scene. The Eidolon sees her and removes his hand from the man as he collapses, rendered unconscious.]

Catoblepas: It looks like this useless host is unable to take me into the past. No matter, I’m going to run wild here anyway so the ends justify the means!

Otome: I have high hopes for you. My Al accepts nothing short of failure. And what my Al wants, he gets. This time, waste the city!

Catoblepas: I shall start with this shell’s most precious thing…

[With that, Catoblepas charges towards a building. Ramming buildings, making a beeline towards…the government building. Around that time, a yawning Garren is running to intercept the monster with Sami following after she learned of the Eidolon’s target. As they make their way there, Catoblepas takes out a few police cars that get in his way.]

Catoblepas: Stay out of this!

[Eventually, Garren and Sami were two blocks away from the building, seeing the smoke resulting from Catoblepas’ path of destruction.]

Sami: Should you call Djinn in now?

Garren: I’ll be alright.

Sami: But…

[The two are startled when they hear spiteful chuckling, turning to see Otome as she smirks.]

Garren: Who are you?

Otome (gesturing): Like it matters, but I’m not interested in fighting you. My friend, however, might in my place.

[Catoblepas arrives, knocking debris that flew pass Garren and Sami as they ducked.]

Otome: It seems this weakling can’t bring out his Eidolon. Have some fun…Before you get back to work.

[With that, Catoblepas attacks Garren who tries in vain to outmove the monster and attempting to fight him as Sami screaming for him to tag Djinn in. At that time, Djinn finished cleaning as he senses Garren in danger.]

Djinn: Hey…Call me in! I’ll respect and clean up my own messes for now on. So please tag me, Garren!

[At that time, Catoblepas has Garren by the collar of his neck as he’s not looking hot.]

Garren: How about saying “sorry”?..

Djinn: Huh?

Garren: Say you’re sorry…

[Djinn’s relucant, but in moments…]

Djinn: I’m so Sorry!

[…Djinn fades away. This causes Garren’s body to emit a aura of flames that force Catoblepas to let go.]

Garren: Apology…Accepted!

[With that, Garren changes into Ifrit.]

Ifrit: Finally, I’m Burning up with pent up feelings!

Catoblepas: You’re too late to be anything about it! It’ll all end the same!

Ifrit: It’s never too late! It’s like I told you, I got mad power skills! Especially new ones!

[Ifrit runs on all fours at Catoblepas as he charges, with a bit flashback of Djinn scrubbing the cabin floors on his knees. Once close enough, Ifrit’s fiery uppercut hits Catoplas hard in the gut, and the Eidolon goes flying this time. Catolpas staggers back to his feet, refusing to be impressed as he gets ready for another charge. By then, Ifrit takes out the Flametongue.]

Catoblepas: My power can’t be beaten that easy!

Ifrit: We interupt your usual broadcast with a new final attack for the day!

[Enraged at being mocked, Catoblepas charges as Ifrit uses the FlameTongue to wrap the Eidolon up like a steer. Ifrit then charges, with his body catching fire as he gets faster until he becomes a living fireball. But by then, Catoblepas looked behind him to see several red barrels cut off and marked “Danger. Flamable.” He has a shocked look in his eyes as, seconds later, a tremendous explosion, blowing up the fiight scene as Ifrit is sent flying. He lands rolling, recovering quickly as he gets up, seeing the whisps that remains of Catolpas start to gather.]

Ifrit: No fair!

[Before the astonished Ifrit is a huge, monstrous quadraped lizard-like creature with bull-like horns stricking out of its head/shoulders, wearing a dog-like-skull mask. The Behemoth bellows as Ifrit dodges its inital charge. On the Bahamut, Raito and Sami were shocked.]

Raito: It’s a Fiend! This isn’t good! We better get in positions.

[Sami nods as the two race out of the cabin with Chintan cheering them “good luck”]

Ifrit: The guy take’s a licking and he keeps on a kicking!

Garren(voice): Who cares about that! What are we going to do!?

??? (Voice Over): We’ll fight fire with fire!

[The Bahamut zooms into the scene, blasting the Behemoth off its feet. We see Raito and Sami each in their own cockpit on the back of the Bahamut.]

Sami and Raito: Get on!

[Ifrit jumps unto the dragon-head part of the fuselage, which its forehead opens up to greet him. Once inside, Ifrit’s power to be siphoned into the airship’s system. Inside the bridge, the mysterious captain and his shadowed crew start up the Bahamut’s attack systems.]

??? Let’s go! Trans-Mode Change!

[Ifrit’s power affects the Bahamut starts to shift its form. The entire craft flipped itself over and boosters fold to the sides of the airship as they turn into extended twin appendages that resembled the talons of a predatory bird. The front part of the fuselage unfolded into a dragon’s head, which screams its battle cry as it hovers ready for combat.]

Otome: That’s…something?

[Without warning, something lands on her head and bounces off to land on the building ledge to see the Bahamut and the Behemoth standing eachother down. The figure was a black cat in a red mini-cape with gloves and boots. On his head is a golden crown as he spoke in a Scottish accent.]

???: I made it in time to the Bahamut ungoing its Trans-Mode Change. Seeing an Ark like like that after so long brings me to tears!

Otome: A Eidolon?

[He takes out his megaphone and starts yelling into it to Otome’s dismay.]

???: I’m your announcer Cait Sith. Be it rain or shine, I’ll be here to see the fight through noow. And we start with the Behemoth making the first move before getting a beatin-

[Cait gets a screw-fist to the head]

Otome: And so will you, if you don’t shut your mouth!

[We zoom pass Otome and Cait Sith towards the government building as the fight is also witnessed by the mysterious man and his staff who are watching the fight. The Behemoth starts to evoke its Meteor Rain attack at the Bahamut, which darts with unbelievable acceleration as it flashed out of sight and reappeared behind the giant monster. It was then that Ifrit’s powers up as his fire consumes the craft it flashed forward like a comet as open up all of its numberous projective weapons and its mouth starts to glow.]

Ifrit: Let’s waste him with all weapons!

Garren(Voice), Raito, Sami: You’re crazy!

Ifrit: Burn to Win! Mega Flare…Inferno!

[The Bahamut fires its high-power beam at the Behemoth before it was pierced though as the airship rammed clear through it. A moment later, the monster exploded into fragments of light that the Bahamut ingests before it flies out of the timespace as fast as it came.]

Cait Sith: Boom! What an incredible effort from these young newcomers. We can expect more from the futur – aah!

[Cait is punted away off the distance by Otome, who walks off in a huff.]

Otome: I’ve had enough of your blabbering.

[At the government building, the last of the footage of the Bahamut’s departure is seen.]

Lady(frightened): I can’t believe that just happened.

Sir: That would be because it didn’t.

Lady: What?

Sir: Execute “Erase”, the public will know nothing of this debacle. I’m trusting you to invent a convincing cover story.

[He walks off as the lady is annoyed]

Lady: You’re joking, right?

Sir: There’s joking in Gardin.

[Back at Allen’s base, two of the Eidolons have collapsed as the other two are weakened. Their leader is soon sent flying and hits the wall hard, leaving a indention on it.]

Allen: This is all you can do, five against one? I will ask once more. Which do you choose?

[The two Eidolons look at each other and then to their leader as he gets up and grudgely bows down. The others follow.]

Allen: Very well. From this point on, you are my enforcers.

[Back on the Bahamut, Djinn watching videos of Sami and Raito also cleaning up the Bahamut. When the twins see this, Sami covers Djiin’s face with his hand as Raito turns the home movie off.]

Raito: Don’t show him that

[Garren laughs seeing them react to the embrassing video until the captain enters the cabin.]

???: Chintan, the usual if you don’t mind.

Chintan: Riight?

Garren: Who-?

Sami: That the Bahamut’s captain.

[As Raito and Sami argue with Djinn over the tape, Garren goes to see the captain as he is enjoying his bowl of rainbow-colored shaved ice.]

Garren: I was to ask: What is the Bahamut?

???: It’s an Ark.

Garren: I mean, how why can it do all this stuff, traveling time and changing form?

???: Time is a mysterious thing to understand, you never know how it all ends up. But, no matter what, the sea of time still flows, never ending.

Garren: You’re not answering…

???: A word of condition. Only those with Auracite can transcend time, and those who attempt to alter time for personal means are unforgivable.

[With that said and his shaved ice finished, the captain walks off.]

Garren: He’s…weird

Sami: I guess.

Raito: But he’s right. People who alter time are unforgivable- like him!

[Before Garren can ask, Djinn jumps in by that time]

Djinn: I don’t get it but gramps told me, “Work hard and you can do anything.” So I’m gonna Burn to Win!

[With that, he takes out a rag and from outside the Bahamut, we hear the ensuring ruckus of Djinn’s cleaning and everyone’s yelling with Chintan’s giggling heard. Back in normal time at night fall, we see the Government Building’s secret base, where for the group called Gardin, it’s all far from over.]

Lady: Sir, another’s about to be realized!

Sir: Send a tracer and triangulate the point of entry.

Staff: Yes sir!

[With that, the Staff get to work. We switch the scene to alleyway. From a wall, we see a shadowed boy jogging until he’s hit by a orb of light. A large shadowed figure emerges from his shadow on the wall. Though silhoutted, we see that his bulky form is humanoid and his eyes to be yellow.]

???: Tell me your desire! Any desire I shall grant!


Once again, a great effort that gets marred by typographical errors. Seriously, fract, you need to learn to catch them. How about this: Send me your story chapters before you post them, and I’ll fix them- but only so you can see what you’re doing wrong, OK? PM me if you agree.

Here’s part 4!

Djinn(Voice over): Here’s a update!

[D-Garren flares up at instant, his flames exploding and expanding towards the Goblin. But suddenly, the flames double back and encircle D-Garren in a perfect circle of fire. Inside, D-Garren yells in rage as the Auracite on his person flares up, causing Garren to emit his personal light as Djinn’s semi-physical being covers the human as his silhoutted body is slightly force-grown with firey armor forming on his body. The new being’s eyes open as he flares up with a firey aura.]

Ifrit: Burn up!

[Ifrit takes out his Flametongue sword and charges at Goblin, who uses his hammer to block every hit. But Ifrit uses a headbutt to knock Goblin off the roof, only for the to spin like a drill and burrow into the road below. Ifrit jumps down to find Goblin borrowing out many holes to attack from all directions. Infuriated, Ifrit creates a fire orb and flings it down a hole, with Goblin watching from another hole near by, chuckling. That was until he hears a rumbling from below. Suddently, all the holes erupt with streams of flames. Goblin is screaming as he lands on the ground, dropping and rolling. Then the scene phrases to Ifrit runs on all fours at Catoblepas as he charges, using a close-range Ifrit’s fiery uppercut to hit Catopleas hard in the gut, and the Eidolon goes flying this time.]

Sami (Voice over): The Eidolons grant the desires of humans they bond to, taking from them in return…a equal their most valuable.

[The Bahamut zooms into the scene, blasting the Behemoth off its feet. Ifrit jumps unto the dragon-head part of the fuselage, which its forehead opens up to greet him. The entire craft flipped itself over and boosters fold to the sides of the airship as they turn into extended twin appendages that resembled the talons of a predatory bird. The front part of the fuselage unfolded into a dragon’s head, which screams its battle cry as it hovers ready for combat. The Behemoth starts to evoke its Meteor Rain attack at the Bahamut, which darts with unbelievable acceleration as it flashed out of sight and reappeared behind the giant monster. It was then that Ifrit’s powers up as his fire consumes the craft it flashed forward like a comet as open up all of its numberous projective weapons and its mouth starts to glow. The Bahamut fires its high-power beam at the Behemoth before it was pierced though as the airship rammed clear through it. A moment later, the monster exploded into fragments of light that the Bahamut ingests before it flies out of the timespace as fast as it came.]

Sami (Voice over): It took me a while but I’ve found you. You need to come with me.

[The scene fades. We then open the scene to the time when the young Allen stood at the center of some corpses in pouring rain and looked towards a entire town set blaze. In the middle of the blaze is a solditary figure, silhoutted with only his souless eyes seen.]

Otome: Al?

[Allen wakes from his trance, startled to see Otome looking at him with a look on concern on her face. ]

Otome: Al, are you sick?

[She kneels next to him, giving him a mug. But Allen’s face is a study in irritation as he takes the cup and stares into it to see his reflection.]

Allen: It’s the dream. Someone strong…We are to meet soon…Our fateful meeting…

[Allen lets go of the mug, letting drop and break on the ground to Otome’s shock as he gets up.]

Allen: Appear, My minions.

[In response, the five Eidolons that Allen forcefully recruited manifested, saluting him before they kneel.]

Allen: Full-Metal Armor, Ironite…Genocidal Song-Princess, Siren…Stone Scratcher, Cockatrice…Swarm Master, Abaddon…and Venom Fang, Basilisk…Our path is set, to destroy this senseless time. However there are those who dare to oppose us…

[The largest of the five, Ironite emerges. He was a giant of a Eidolon in a suit of dark blue-grey armor with gold trimming with a large sword strapped to his back.]

Ironite: There be none to defeat thee!

[Another of the five, Cockatrice gets up in response. His head has a dangerous beak, and above that sat a spiked crown and comb like a roman soldier. The arms are mostly scaly with wing-like gauntlets with feather-like spines on them as well as all over his body.]

Cockatrice: Is that so!? You might have a iron body…but your brain’s full of lead! Better not be dense or I’ll have to eat you. Ka-Ka!

[Annoyed, Abaddon gets up. He was the cross between a toad and a mantis.]

Abaddon: Will it take a hundred hits to shut you up? Or maybe ten thousand? I assure you that your gaze is useless against me!

Cockatrice: Ka-Ka-Ka!

[The three assume fighting positions. Other Siren and Basilisk stay out of the fight. Siren resembled a kunoichi in her lingerish attire, which had metal shoulder pads, a scarf, and a face mask that covers her neck and mouth, leaving only her eyes exposed. From the waist down, she has fish-like scales on her legs with fin-like projections at the ankles and ending with three-taloned webed feet. But from the waist up, she has a pair of brown long/light wings with her arms ending with bird talons covered in metal gauntlets. She plays her harp to force the three to stop what they’re doing as the shadowed Basklisk raises his head, his snake-eyes seen.]

Basilsk: You dare do this in Lord Allen’s presence?

[The three realized this as they quickly assemble in their places and drop to their knees with salutes.]

Allen: I won’t tolerate failure. Find the ones who are meddling…And make them pay!


TITLE: Roar, Reonhart

[We switch to see Garren pedaling on his bicycle across the sidewalk during the evening. He was just finished from running an errand for Yurina when someone jumps out of the bushes, causing him to swerve and fall. The figure was a boy a year or two older than Garren, someone new to town. He was wearing what looked like a karate gi, with orange leg warmers and bandaged arms. The young man walks over to Garren, who is suddenly possessed by Djinn, after sensing the boy to be possessed by an Eidolon, getting up with a smirk on his face.]

D-Garren: What do we have here? Since we’ve just meet, let’s throw down! You look strong!

[Though expecting a fight, the possessed figure walks off to D-Garren’s dismay. Infuriated, D-Garren runs at the possessed guy with his fist reared out.]

D-Garren: Hey! I said fight me!

[But as the fist goes flying, it is intercepted by the possessed boy.]

?-???: Putting everything in one attack isn’t enough to defeat me.

D-Garren: What?

?-???: In strength that is a ranking. I have no intention to fight someone weaker than me.

D-Garren: Huh?!

[The possessed boy flings D-Garren into the bushes before walking off.]

?-???: Have a nice day.

[D-Garren tries to get up, now fuming with rage inspite of the injury inflicted on him.]

D-Garren: Wait! It takes more than this to stop me!

Garren(voice): It hurts!

D-Garren: Don’t you start!

[The next day, we find Djinn in the dumps; Raito has a smirk on his face as he’s enjoying a smoothie.]

Raito: So even you have your limits…

[Djinn turns his head at Raito, shouting off his mouth]

Djinn: Shut up! I just wasn’t ready that’s all.

[As Djinn and Raito argue over the Eidolon’s loss last night, Sami picks up a couple drinks from herself and Garren, who is as astonished by what occurred.]

Sami: So there’s another Eidolon with a pact?

Garren: “Yeah. But I don’t know the pact bearer.”

[Suddenly, the Bahamut shakes a bit with Djinn getting knocked over on his back by the turblance as the lights go out. However, emergancy lights turn on.]

Intercom: This is your pilot speaking. We are having a bit of turbulence, nothing to worry about.

???: Surprised?

[Garren turns around to see the mysterious owner of the Bahamut sitting behind him.]

???: Even in time there are such gaps.

Garren: No. It wasn’t surprised by the disturbance…

???: Garren. Had you changed something from the past?

[Flashback: the aftermath of Garren’s first battle, bringing Takashi to see his dying grandfather.]

Garren: Sorry.

???: Well, such a thing won’t change time. A person can’t change it that easy. But, in exchange, the moment the time flow is altered, the shockwaves will be intensely huge.

[Those words seem to intensify the looks on the faces of the twins as the onwer gets up.]

???: I just wanted you to know that.

[No sooner that mystery man leaves the cabin, the lights turn back on. By then, Garren notice the fiery determination in Sami’s eyes.]

Sami: Garren, he’s right. We need a lead on this Eidolon to protect this timespace.

[With that, Raito and Sami take their leave as Djinn gets up, annoyed, while Garren is a bit astonished.]

Garren (thought): Sami… Raito… They really hate Eidolons.

[The scene changes to a karate dojo, where many people are working out, practing until the mysterious youth appears.]

?-???: I am Lou Kenzan! Please fight me!

[Accepting the challenge, the best of the Karate students accepts as he and ?-Kenzan start to their match. We then fade to the Bistro where Yurina has finished pouring tea to one of her customers as Garren comes in.]

Garren: I’m home.

Yurina: Welcome

Sami and Raito: Hello

Yurina: Are these friends of yours?

[Garren nods to indicate it to be so.]

Sami and Raito: Nice to meet you.

Yurina: Nice to meet you too.

[After giving their orders, and waiting for their food. Garren and the twins were discussing where to start looking for the Eidolon-possesed boy. By the the time their order arrived, Kitt runs in. She was breathing heavily from running all the way to the Bistro.]

Kitt: Hey Garren! Had you heard? There’s some guy who going around dojos picking fights!

Garren: Huh?

[We zoom back to Kenzan as he just finished fighting.]

?-Kenzan: This just isn’t enough. Didn’t even break a sweat.

[As he takes his leave, the room zooms out to show every able-bodied student defeated while those smart enough to avoid the fight were in awe. We find Garren and the twins running their way to the location of the nearst dojo.]

Raito: So a Eidolon is possessing this guy and picking fights?

Sami: Seems like it!

Djinn: Alright, Garren! Let’s go and pay him back in interest!

[Djinn then smells something.]

Djinn: Wait a moment. Hold it! I smell a Eidolon…

[Garren stops]

Garren: A Eidolon?

Sami: Our guy?

[Garren is possessd by Djinn as he runs off into the direction he senses the Eidolon at. Meahwhile, within Gardin HQ, we see a glasses-wearing young woman in her early twenties with short lite-brown hair and marine eyes viewing a monitor as five beeps pop up and a alarm is set off. Gasping, the young woman, Ayame, turns towards her superior, a woman wearing a white lab coat, with shoulder length dark brown hair and green eyes.]

Ayame: Unknown lifeforms detected! What should we do?!

???: I’ll contact the Chief, you just keep tabs until I get back!

Ayame: Yes, Sir!

[Behind Ayame, a sixth beep is seen as we zoom into the monitor, switching scene to show the City being attacked. Explosions occur all around a block as we zoom to the top of a building in the center of the chaos where Baskilsk is. Emerging into the daylight, he resembled a flameboyant human in lite-body armor and wearing a masked helmet shaped like a serpent with its fangs outstrenching in front of his face. Wrapped around his shoulders is a gold snake with a forked tail, it seemed alive as it wrapped around his upper body.]

Baskilsk: What wonderful feelings.

[D-Garren runs into the scene.]

D-Garren: That’s far enough, Scale-Brain! Junction!

[Turn to Ifrit]

Garren(Voice): Are you sure that’s the Eidolon from last night?

Ifrit: Who cares! I take him on anyway! One hit should do it!

Baskilsk: Is that so?

[With a snap of his fingers, the other four Eidlons emerge from hiding.]

Garren(voice): Five Eidolons?!

Abbadon: So this guy’s our prey. I’m so not impressed.

Cockatrice: Allen’s real pathetic to have us go after a pretty sorry guy.

Ironite: We just have to thrash him, right?!

[The five assume fighting stances with Ifrit following pursuit.]


Baskilsk: Get him!

[Outnumbered five to one, Ifrit attempts to hit and run to get his opponents one-on-one. However, his escape route is blocked as Ifrit is repeatly punched in the face by Abbadon’s machine-gun punches, then is kicked upside the head by Siren. Getting up, very infuriated, Ifrit charges at the two as they parted way to reveal Cockatrice was behind them, unleasing a barrage of feather shurikens at Ifrit, exploding around him]

Cockatrice: Oppose us without thinking, will you?! Too weak!

[Ironite lumbers in to attack with his giant sword. Ifrit manages to dodge the blade to make a beeline on the giant with a flaming punch attack. However, Ifrit breaks his hand on Ironite’s armored body before the giant backhands him to the ground. Getting up, Ifrit is abmushed as Basklisk jumps in, twirling his golden snake as a whip at Ifrit before willing its tail into a blade as he and Ifrit clash weapons. But in the middle of that fight, Basklisk conjures a snake-fang dagger and wounds a shocked Ifrit before knocking him into a wall while reverting to Garren as the evil Eidolons regroup.]

Baskilsk: If that is the limit to your power, you’re done for. Die!

[Basklisk assumes the stance to conjure his ultimate attack, raising his arm in the air as the serpent warped around it comes to life. With a flick of his hand, the serpent shoots like a missile at Garren. But at the last second, Sami and Raito grab Garren and run like crazy out of there before the snake made its mark, leaving a hole in the wall. The other four Eidolons chase after them as Basklisk smirked as his serpent silthered back to his master. Some time later, Garren and the twins make to a remote area of the city park to hide until the heat dies out. By then, Garren notices Sami’s injury she recieved from getting Garren away from their enemies.]

Garren: You’re hurt.

Sami: It’s nothing

Garren: I’m sorry about you protecting me…

Sami: Garren, it’s our duty to protect you. As long as you fight, that’s good enough. The time flow must be perserved.

Garren: Umm…I’ve been wondering…Why do you fight the Eidolons? Aren’t your parents worried about you?

Raito: We…don’t belong anywhere.

Garren: What do you mean?

[Before she could explain, Sami sees something catches her eye.]

Sami: It’s him!

[Lou Kenzan walked into the scene. The others catch up to him as he turns to see them.]

?-Kenzan: You’re that guy from before. Are you the one I’m sensing?

Garren: Are you going to hurt someone?

?-Kenzan: Don’t insult me?

Sami: All I see is someone using a Eidolon’s power for selfish gain!

?-Kenzan: Who would be doing such a thing?!

[Laughter. Kenzan turns around to knock away a projectile, a tennis ball. The gang were shocked as Otome walks into the scene with Garren recognizing her from the fight with Catoblepas.]

Garren: That girl.

Otome: It’s the end of you. It’s the start of a new age, along with its new ruler!

[Thunder is hear as the sky goes black and a wind starts to blow strongly.]

Raito: This is bad.

[The five Eidolons arrive, assuming positions as the ground erupts as Allen emerges.]

Raito and Sami: Allen!

Allen: I am to fight the stronger of those who dare defy me.

Otome: The greatest in the world is Al. At long last the world will revolve, with Al in the middle.

Garren: He’s…Allen?

Djinn(Thought): His power…It’s like a firey wind.

Raito: Great. It was bad enough when you were just a jerk.

Allen: You’re mistaken. The Allen you know is gone…I am now filled with a greater power to begin the world anew.

Garren: What?! You know him?

Otome: What was that?!

Sami: Allen and us were friends. But…he betrayed everyone and because of him…

[Allen points to Lou Kenzan]

Allen: You, Eidolon, will be the stepping stone for my greatness. Griever, come!

[Allen walks towards the heroes, removing his cloak as he emits an aura of gold. Emerging from Allen’s shadow was a eight foot tall, broad-shouldered Eidolon with a herculean body and the head of a lion on its shoulders. The beastly figure had black fur and long white angelic wings, its face looking like stained-glass with crystal horns jutting out the forehead like a crown. Other then the shoulder armor decorated with trumpeted angel faces on it and blade-like extensions on the forearms, the Eidolon carried a large sword in a sheath on his back.]

Allen: Junction…

[Griever roared in reponse, his body exploding into shards of glass around Allen. The shards reform into pieces of armor that snap unto Allen as he becomes a tall lean humanoid with a body covered in gold edged black armor, with lion head on the breatplate and wielding a katana with a lion’s head hilt.]

Junctioned Form: Pure power…Pure ferciousiness…I am the your Judge, Hashmal.

?-Kenzan: Now you have my attention…

[?-Kenzan walks forward.]

Sami: What are you doing?!

?-Kenzan: Please look after Lou for now…

[With that, The Eidolon emerges from his host who collapses as Garren catches him. The Eidolon is like a heavily armored ape with his large forearms and large jaw. Both the Eidolon and Hashmal stand eachother down with the others watching from the side.]