FF: Dawn of Souls is translated by fanboys.

Also, does this remind anyone else of the movie Labyrinth?

God, don’t mention Labyrinth to me. Ever since my sister pointed out the sexual metaphors in that movie, it’s tottally ruined for me. Which is a pity, sicne one cannot resist the power of the David Bowie Pants.


The translators are obviously prescient, seeing as how the Trogdor movie just got trailer’d.

I knew about the Trogdor reference, but I’m thoroughly impressed by the use of “1337 haxx0r” in an official translation. Bravo, Square-Enix!

And I’ve never actually seen Labyrinth, although I’ve played a bit of the NES game, which was oddly never even released in America (although I guess it’s no more odd than the first Goonies game not being released in America, but at least Goonies made its way to American arcades).

That’s the OFFICIAL translation!?

There’s no <i>unoffical</i> translation, so, yeah.

Oh my gosh…you’ve GOT to be kidding me…

No me digas! or something…just trying to practice my Spanish.

I thought it was some shitty fan-made patch… jeez, this is almost Legend of Dragoon worthy.

Yep, this is from the official version.
Another interesting tidbit: In the US version Garland says his famous line “I, Garland, shall knock you all down!”. But in the PAL version, he doesn’t. O_o (I downloaded the wrong one by mistake first. ^^;)

Anyhoo… does anyone else agree with the Labyrinth reference? I’ll put it in the Ex-Crossovers page if so.

Fan-made patches for somewhat new games scheduled for an English release are always of terrible quality, since they try to scrap them together before the localization is finished. Those pictures, since they don’t have garbled text everywhere, are clearly not shitty.

It may result obvious to you, but I know as much of programming/cracking/modding as a caveman knows of quantic physiscs.

Dawn of Souls is what exactly? Sorry, I’m a bit out of the loop.

haha there’s also the part when they mention hash in the bonus dungeon in FF2.

FF1 & FF2 mashed together with some new stuff and graphics, for the GBA.

The entire game isn’t like that, just a few rooms of the secret dungenons where there’s a crap load of random NPCs who say random things. Why shouldn’t the translators have a bit of fun with it?

But there are no NTSC or PAL GBA games but the is a EU game and US game. The main difference with FF1+2 is that EU game is the abiltity to change the language of the game.

There is a code written each cart lalbe which tell nintendo where it was made to be sold. My copy (the EU) is AGB-BBFP-EUR, I found that most GBA games have AGB then for GB and GBA games from EU has EUR or AUS for presumably Australia.

EDIT: Found all But 1337 haxxor in EU on ENGLISH

Well, at least the translation makes SENSE… (Tactics, anyone?) Anyway, most localization teams do not attempt to translate verbatim, since that would really make the game sound odd and boring. Take FFIV (and the immortal ‘Spoony bard’). They have to do something to make their job fun, as well as get a laugh from the players.

Actually, “Spoony Bard” wasn’t done for fun, it was done because in the original Japanese there was a bad word in there and they needed some other adjective.

Of course localizations aren’t verbatim, but this is the first time they’ve actually acknowledged other cool stuff online. :sunglasses:

BigNutter: You won’t find the h4x0r in the EU game unless you cheat. That’s the whole point - Killer Bow is a dummied-out item that doesn’t actually appear in the game.

I was happy to see that Dawn of Souls worked in a couple of subtle pop-culture jokes. It wasn’t blatantly in-your-face like the Lunar remakes. I know there were a few other things that jumped out at me, but the only one I can recall is a reference to the ‘classic’ Styx song Mr Roboto on one of the Whisperwind Cove floors.

Come to think of it, I found the overall translation for Dawn of Souls to be quite well done. The end bit of FF1’s story finally made some sense, and a few other little points in both games made more sense as well.

Can you elaborate a bit on that Styx reference? :sunglasses: senses FFC material