FF Continue The Story

Okay, it has been a really long time since i have seen this done here. But i am going to start a story here, and it’s up to you guys to read it, and continue it from where the last person to post left off…

The four light warriors, Nester, Howard, Tina, and Phil were walking through the Temple of Fiends. Nester, the warrior, was in the lead. Following him was Howard the black belt, and Tina the white mage, and Phil, the black mage.

Nester opens the chamber door which leads to Garland’s throne. Garland laughs his notorious “Mya ha ha, i Garland, shall knock you all down !”

The four Light Warriors take their attack stance. Nester swings first… To be Continued.

(okay, so i started simple, i didnt exactly think much about this before doing it… Have fun peeps)

I’m no forum guru, but doesn’t this go to the free-roleplaying boards?