FF challenges . . .

I was wondering, what is the most insane FF challenge any of you guys have done?

For me right now, I plan to complete FFVII without using any materia. I just started at it though, Hell, it’s the only Final Fantasy I may be good enough at to try something like that.

Next challenge for me: FF9 with all starting equipment (this will be very tough, as I won’t learn any new abilities).

and after that: FF8 with no junctioning . . . now THAT’S nuts!

going through FF5 without leveling any jobs…

No junctions? Impossible. Literaly. It can’t be done.

FFV wouldnt be S bad, seeing as how jobless characters can equip anything.

the major effect of not working on jobs…no abilities. that was the challenge for me…

Have you ever heard of a NSG challenge? It’s basically playing through Final Fantasy X without using the Sphere Grid at all. And to think; some people have beaten the hidden arena bosses this way.

I went through FFVII without Materia once, too. It sucked, really, had to rely on Elixers and Hi=Potions.

The hardest thing I’ve ever done, though, was taking on Wyvern in FFIV without using Wall at all.

Dalton, NS games are harder (No Sphere). Sphere Grid is hard enough, but not being able to stat boost your aeons, or teach them new abilities completely kills you.

Oh, and for reference, I’ve beaten an NSG game, and I’m currently in the process of beating an NS game (I’m at Mt. Gagazet)

How about beating FF1 (the original, not the easy PSX version) with four White Mages? 8p

(Just to note, I’ve never done any of these challenges and I have absolutely no intention of doing so.)

FF8 without junctioning? I did that easily until I faced Adel and that’s when it really hurt me. It was my first time playing FF8 and I didn’t get that junction system at all.

Cid: Done and done.

FF1: Four White Mages (not Wizards) or 1 Blackbelt (not master, not that it matters)
FF2: No Magic
FF3: Staying with Onion Kid Class
FF4: Defeating Zeromus without White, Wall, Nuke, Meteor, or any summons and without the 4 big weapons.
FF5: Beat game with normal classes
FF6: Using no Espers or learning any new magic.
FF7: No materia and original equipment
FF8: No junctioning

that is about as far as it goes. No, I haven’t done any of these (except for the Blackbelt one and the FF4 one)

some of those challenges sound sickenly hard, I doubt I’d ever be able to do, mainly because I just don’t have that kinda patients, when it comes to games!!

:hmm: How about trying to complete FF7 (or any other) without doing ANY random battles? Just running from them. Now that’s just insane! I doubt anyone could complete that challenge. :slight_smile:

SilverStorm, that one actually sounds possible, if you were to keep a lot of items, and could equip materia and stronger weapons!!

Originally posted by Cidolfas
How about beating FF1 (the original, not the easy PSX version) with four White Mages? 8p

Aurabolt says he made it all the way to Mt. Gurgu with four White Mages on the NES version. I believe him, he’s nuts when it comes to FF1 anyway.


Originally posted by SilverStorm
:hmm: How about trying to complete FF7 (or any other) without doing ANY random battles? Just running from them. Now that’s just insane! I doubt anyone could complete that challenge.:slight_smile:

You could be right, that does sound very hard! And even if you could equip materia, it would be almost useless later in the game as they will barely gain any AP. Not to mention your characters will be nothing but a party of chicken $#!Ts due to an EXP defecit.

I finished FFVII once without using any Materia, but with a lot of levelling up… Wasn’t able to beat the WEAPONS, though… Now that’s a real challenge, I guess…

Beating FF6 without Espers isn’t that hard: Most characters have quite potent skills to overcome that…

I also finished FF7 once in one run, with one break of about six hours… Had a total game time of about 46 hours, level 69 for Cloud and all that, when i reached Sephiroth… The game froze during the ending FMV, cuz my Playstation was overheated, though O_o
This challenge wasn’t for fun, though: i rented a PSX back then, along with FF7, but didn’t rent a Memory Card…

I’d say a real challenge is completing Final Fantasy 8 without use of Junction. It is, as far as I know, almost impossible to do this, but maybe worth a try once…

ff4: beat Bahamut with out


ff6: one on one battle with the 8 dragons, under lvled.
ff7: beat emerald weapon with out under water materia
beat ruby with out knights of the round
ff8: 1 on 1 during the final battles, no hero drinks or holy wars!
ff9: use magic users only in Oeilvert.
ff10: only use summons (lot harder then its sounds)

Originally posted by Armageddon
[b]ff4: beat Bahamut with out


That isn’t a spoiler…

you can use wall in FF4? damn, i really wanted to figure that out on my own![/sarcasm]

Originally posted by Xelopheris
That isn’t a spoiler…

wall=reflect, don’t realy know why they called it wall. but u could… now i don’t no if i should spolier this next part, i will just for the hell of it:

defeat bahamut by casting wall, then when he uses mega nuke, it hits him instead.

i don’t realy know how many people know how to win that way, and i guess it gave to big of a hint on how to beat him.