FF Break Room: Stories

I need to put some life back into the FF Break Room. Let’s face it; it’s probably the most popular thing I’ve ever written. And with my other stuff slowly winding down, I’ll have time to do something besides a big fic.

The idea here is this: during and just after the production of each FF game, something happens to a character. Something that changes who they are, and sets up their position inside the break room. I plan to expand more on the origins of the actual break room and places around it, as well as show how they actually make those games. And humor…we can’t forget humor…

It might be a while before the first one (which will probably be Vivi). I have another chapter of Half-Spawn to write soon. Oh, and concerning that, if you bothered to check out the game when I first unveiled it, we’re reaching the beginning of part 1. There, now talk about the idea or I’ll leave the site and jump off a building.

EDIT: Okay, here’s a brief bit of what I have outlined so far.

Vivi: Why he became involved with Black Mage’s pure EVIL!!!
Squall: How he faked being antisocial for so long.
Locke: The REAL beginnings of his problems with Celes.
Aerith: Why she’s so pissed off at Square.
Rydia: Possible reason why she’s a cold-hearted bitch.
Edward: What the hell happened to him?
Sephiroth: see Edward

That sounds like a good idea Galloway. I’m looking forwards to reading it.