FF Break Room...RIP (Maybe)

Anyone remember the FF break room? My (seemingly) true call to fame? Well, it looks like the joke’s over. The fic was pretty much one joke that got streched over many chapters. When I tried to insert plots, such as the fake Mox and the dark fic characters kidnapping me, it gave the fics some life, but there are only so many different plots you can use without having the same problem my brother’s fic did: it detracted from the actual reason for the fic.

A part of me wants to continue, but another part of me wants to move on. I’m leaning more towards the latter, especially since the last FF break room became more like one of the sagas than an actual FFBR. So, I guess we can consider any further FF break rooms to be on indefinate hold, at least until Square releases FFXI and I get a bunch of new stuff to make fun of.

If you don’t feel like it, then you shouldn’t try to force yourself to continue, Galloway. It’ll never leave you satisfied. You can look back on the Breakroom as the series that started your fame as a comedy writer, with nostalgia. And if you ever feel like you can write about it again, then you should but not before that.


Plus what Weiila said.

The only things worth doing are those that are pleasing to you. If you are not being fulfilled by this, then I suggest you look for something else. Otherwise, you should continue.

I guess thats SOMEWHAT like Weiila said, but meh- I like getting my 2 cents in.

When you get away from your original goals, and it starts to feel more like work than fun, those are good signs to stop.

I mean, we’re not in this for the money or anything. wink

And hey, just because you stop now doesn’t mean you can never start again if you feel like it.

Sean Connery did much more than just the Bond films for which he is still most famous, after all.