FF beginnings

i started with ff7, but how did you all get your start in final fantasy

FFIX, saw Vivi on the cover and was tempted to play. Then all of the rest after that.

FFI. I had been playing Dragon Warrior (obtained through Nintendo Power), and found out about FFI from an older sibling’s friend. I borrowed his copy of the game, and have been hooked since.

FFI. Way back in '89 when I bought my NES, the box had one screenshot each from about 20 games, and one was Final Fantasy, with the Light Warriors facing 4 giants. Love at first sight.

FF1, borrowed off a friend, never finished, then came back with a vengeance with FF6 after a two-issue Nintendo Power extravaganza and never looked back.

Final Fantasy 7. My brothers and I were hanging out at the nieghbors house watching my friend’s dad play it like he was addicted. We tried, and apparently it’s a very good gateway drug.

My uncle rented it and I watched him play through the opening bombing mission of FF7. He never played it again, but I never stopped.

similar to me

Final Fantasy Legends on the game boy. Ah, the irony.

After whetting my teeth on GB and SNES games, I got hooked with pc rpgs. At the time I played through FFVII with a friend and duly forgot it (except for the “One Winged Angel” theme). I got into emulators to replay Terranigma and then found FFVI. That was the first FF I liked and thus I consider it my first FF.

It was FF7. Can’t really remember why, just remember seeing it in a shop one day when I was out with a mate. And thought I’d give it a try. Cause at that point in my life I didn’t know anything really about Final Fantasy.

But ever since have loved everyone of them.

FFI when it came out. I was mostly watching my bro and cousin playing, though, because the only time I could touch the controller was to level their characters since it bored them. -_-

You know now that I think about it I think my first time was when I rented BoF form BlockBuster though in truth the 1st & 3rd Legend of Zelda’s and Secret of Mana came before that, but I digress. Eventually, I played either FF’s 4 at a friend’s house or 6 though rental (And I would’ve beaten it too if it weren’t for that darn Wrexsoul and those dumb Soul Savers.):chupon:

And now you know the rest of the Back Story.

FFI waaaaaay back when I had my NES-knockoff console. The game came with the machine, and even though it would be half a decade before I could actually understand a single word of it (I obviously didn’t know English yet) I remember finishing by randomly going around and fighting stuff.

I remember I was left in awe by the ability to actually save my progress in a game :stuck_out_tongue:

I first heard of Final Fantasy from a Captain N episode back in 1991. Captain N and co. Were fighting Astos to awaken the Elf King. Then I had to have it. I bought it in August 1992. A year or two later I played Mystic Quest that a friend had. It wouldnt be until May 1998 that I would buy and play FFVII, my first one since Mystic Quest. I became hooked after that .

Who didn’t get the free copy of Dragon Warrior? :smiley:

We got FF1 for Christmas I think, and it’s been on ever since.

FF4 for me. Heh, I still remember things like sleeping over at my cousin’s house and waking up in the middle of the night to find him playing the game… we all yelled at him to get to bed and he goes on about how he has to power up his Rydia :stuck_out_tongue: Another of my cousins named Cecil “Beavis” and Cain “Buthed” (since the character limit)

We had to rent it back then so we’d always get it for a week or so and then have to return it for awhile… we’d get it back and one of our games had jumped from Fabul all the way to the Moon, hehe…

Aand I remember picking up my extremely anal method of sorting my magic in that game that I still follow way back around then. :stuck_out_tongue: Every spell has its place >.>

Ehh, the game has always had a bit of a soft spot for me. I still love firing it up and playing it through even though it’s lost all suspense and challenge :stuck_out_tongue:

^ ^

I got my Zelda:ALTTP cart in German. My parents thought it’d be educational :wink: Still, unless it says “Ganon’s Turm” when you enter the final dungeon, I don’t consider the experience complete.

FFI (1990) *****
FFIV (1995) *****
FFVI (1995) *****
FFVII (1997) ***
FFVIII (1999) *
FFIX (2000) **
FFT (2001) ***
FFV (2002) *****
FFX (2003) ***
FFXI (2003) *****
FFXI: Rise of Zilart (2004) *****
FFX-2 (2004) ****
FFXI: Chains of Promathia (2005) ****
FFXI: Treasure of Aht Urhgan (2006+) ***
FFXII (2007) ***
FFIII Advance (2007) TBD

Damn, that’s 17 years.

FF1 was my first; I played that, Dragon Warrior, and Crystalis almost simultaneously, switching cartages every two or three hours. But then my gaming career went into something of a hibernation. I guess that I had more fun doing other stuff, like sports and chicks. Mind you, getting a computer revived my career, thanks to the games by Sierra. I was hooked on King Quest and Gabriel Knight series. Somehow, I came across a PC version of this game, and I just had to rename my dogs Fujin and Raijin. Now, You should see my cool gray trench coat and my plastic gunblade. :wink:

Oh yeah, and the other FFs were played in due course.

Fuck yeah, Cyrstalis. That game was amazing. Epic as fuck for an NES RPG.