ff awards best female character...uhh

again not hottest best.

…crap i cant think of any choices. would someone mind nominating someone? :moogle:


Seriously though, you ought to include at least Lulu, Celes and Aeris, possibly Quistis, Garnet, Rydia, and/or Rosa as well.

votes for my red magey in FF11

It’s an FF >>

the choices i had in mind were yuna,aeris,rydia, and i draw a blank after that.

sohee i dont think you would get many votes and quistis dosent sound like a good idea.

how are those choices? :moogle:

Not very good.

What’s wrong with Quistis? Brooding FF women are a welcomed RARITY

I like Hatsuyo Sakai. She was the wife of a famous fighter pilot, and at the end she wanted to kill herself but her husband stopped her. She then threw her dagger on the ground and said she would never need it again.

I like Rikku, in both X and X-2. X because of her outgoing and generally HAPPY personality, and X-2 for the same reason PLUS her increased hotness. My favorite Rikku dressphere’s gotta be Warrior. Yeah, I know the Theif one is… more… REVEALING, but I really like the design of her Warrior costume.


Yuffie! Most people think she was annoying, but I think she’s funny.

Cait I must ask this: Why do you start every thread with a big green grin and end every post with a moogle?

Van from FFXII! Oh wait, he’s a guy! My mistake!

Kuja :smiley:


Me, in FFXI!

I have no idea.

Oh-oh-oh! My head hurts! I can’t make up my mind. I wanna see Yuna dance. (More! More!)

But the Flower Girl my favOouuute wea-PON.

Those head bands, OHHHHHH Yes! Yuffie and Rikku!

Big Nutter


What the hell did BN just say?

Sohee’s redmage

Freya, yo! Come on now. She’s a rat chick.

Aeris, hands down…

i do it to represent my mood.

since im constanly cheerful i use the geen smily

and the mog is my friend and he hits me hard if i forget to put him in.

:moogle: he also does it to be original.