ff awards best charaqcter male

here the next award.

by the way when i say best character i mean personality and stuff.

not how cute he is.

thats a different thread. :moogle:

I voted cloud because he is the best looking of all the FF characters. =P

I always like Auron’s old, mature, wise and confident personality.

No Squall? Aren’t you prejudiced.

ooh dosent look like firrion is very popular. :moogle:

Firion had no character or character development, and, as according to the leveling system of FF2, had no definite role. Hard to like a faceless character =P. I’d recommend more choices in the poll honestly but meh.

I’d like proper spelling and capitalization in a poll.

:thud: Siegfried Knappe. He was cool. His main weapon was a artillery cannon. His limit: Bombard, owned all. I used him in every battle and in the end he had the highest level. He truly rocked. ::doh::

No Edge or Edgar or Sabin or Locke or Setzer or Tellah or Cain?

In all honesty, so far, all your ‘FF Awards’ polls have really blown big time.

Auron gets my vote. I mean, what’s cooler than wearing sunglasses (even at night), being able to conduct fairly logical conversations, and weilding a really huge sword? Sorry, but that’s my opinion.


Naw… Edgar. Out of those, hmm… I dunno.

Reid, Tales of Eternia. :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah now that i think of it i was going to put tellah in the poll.

but then i forgot and had to think of someone else real fast.


Rikku. And I don’t care if she’s a girl.

Auron without a doubt. Though he’s dead still best male character. I’d give reasons but someone beat me to it.

way too few choices…