FF 3 / 6 question

There’s an image I came across and Through the many years I’ve overplayed this game, I’ve never seen

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can some one tell me where that came from?

In the world of Ruin, take Gau to meet the crazy old man (the one that Sabin started his little quest at when he got seperated from everybody at Lete River early in the game). I think Sabin might need to be in your party too.

Yes, you need both Gau and Sabin. Head in to that Crazy Old Bloke’s hut and talk to him, then head out. That should trigger it.


You actually don’t need Sabin. I’ve never had to have him to trigger that event. In fact, I hardly ever used him at all because he was boring and his damage potential was nearly zilch at high levels. (You won’t be doing 80k damage with anything short of Cyan’s swords or a Rag/Illumina/Atma combo). But I’m just insane in FF6 that way. Two-Kefkas-worth-of-damage-in-one-round insane.

That scene happens regardless of who else is in your party (Either active or sitting in the Airship).

I always thought Gau’s theme song sounded sad.

…I’ve seen that scene happen before, but is that a glitch that has Sabin speaking gau’s line, the one about the funeral? Hmmm, gotta look at this scene sometime again. Maybe someone just named gau, Sabin. Or i’m reading it wrong.

I heard that you can control some of the dialogue in that sceen by having Setzer, Celes, Sabin, Locke, and Edgar in your party in various combinations with Gau. I think Gau’s clothes change, too.