Female Ejaculation

Is awesome.




The spidey thing is awesome.

She’s a squirter.

There’s not much I can contribute in this thread, hahahaha :stuck_out_tongue:


How do I shot female web?

I clicked on this thread afraid that the few words in Sin’s post were a hyperlink to some crazy story. Anywhoo.

This is the best RPG forum ever.

Very yes.




There seem to be two different kinds, one rather more startling than the other. I don’t think I’m brave enough to say more.

I dunno, most of what comes out sometimes is piss. But there are times when its actually cum.

Yeah me too

i, too, use the word awesome to describe things that are wet and gross

Mythology should be the domain of classicists, not biologists :frowning:

Especially in this case.

Dey took our job, der-ka-deerrrr

What function does it serve, besides amusing us?

If it’s piss, it’s not ejaculate. Piss doesnt exude the same force, nor does it come out of the same opening. It doesn’t smell the same either. I haven’t been able to make my girl do it yet, but I know I’ve come close.