Fear the... uhm... cute! (MY EARS! AND EYES!!)

Alright, people, just work with me here, okay? Okay? You know me… you can trust me.

First of all, watch this.

… still alive? Yeah, yeah, I know it hurt, but I wouldn’t put you through this unless there was a reason, you know.

Alright… now that you have seen the original version, let’s look at what fans with too much time on their hands have done to that. Oh, internet…

Somebody’s going to die for this, and it’s probably the jet fighter. As usual XD

The real killer?
People have done more of these.

Starcream! What have they done to you!?

Hey wait! Didn’t we do this before? Like right here.

Yeah, I’m not surprised. -_-

Are you saying that cheerleader Megatron doesn’t deserve its own thread? :frowning:

That has to be the most annoying rap/pop combination I’ve EVER heard. -_-

Still, I’m impressed Fans managed to convert it into so many forms! Is there software for that, or was it done by hand??

My favorite was the FFVI one. Mainly for not being 100% the same thing.

Though it was nice to see the Tales of Destiny characters again. I like them, even if I think the game was terrible.

At first I was horrified. Then I understood it. Oh man, can’t look at Decepticons the same way again.

I need a hug now. They’ve RAPED the Decepticons in the fucking EYESOCKETS.

… Two things have become lodged in my brain:

  1. I first saw the original one years ago, and I’m still slightly thrown off by the sight of the fact that, um, a school uniform is just lying there, apparently having been removed in-school.

  2. I wanna know how they separated the vocals from the rest of it in the FF6 one. :smiley: Actually, now that I think of it, it probably isn’t that hard … (My favorite part is the bit with Locke and Kefka …)

…I’m disturbed by dis. Dey have killed my ideals 'bout da Decepticons. I used ta believe in evil, dis destroyed my beliefs. goes off into a corner, curls up in a ball and begins to cry

Look at this.

haha what


…Wow. Funny stuff. :hahaha;

What was that last one from?

Late Breaking Month-Old Update!

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