Fear Factory is back!

oh hell yeah… they’re back… and how… download ‘Cyberwaste’ from their upcoming album ‘Archetype’

click here to download

it’s going back to their roots… Extremely aggresive, probably their most aggresive track to date, even a bit of blastbeat is found in it, If the rest of that new album is like this they’ll sure reclaim their place in the Metalscene

Sounds awesome.

It’s alright. The lyrics are kind of meh sometimes “you mean nothing to us fuck you” but instruments sound pretty good. No solos though.

If it’s anything like their last album )“Digimortal”), then I’ll pass.

Also- my WinAMP puts it as “Light the Mew” by BASTARD, not Fear Factory.

Damage is becoming more and more agreeable to my musical palette.

Fear Factory is one of my favorite bands…has been since '96. And I’m highly anticipating this new album, now that Dino’s off the squad…Byron does a nice job replacing Christian, and Christian/Dino, as a concert that I saw (bootlegged on the internet) of the new FF performing ‘Edgecrusher’ made me believe. :runaway:

I am?..

No solos? off course not, they never do that… so it sounds more mechanical…

You can have mechanical sounding solos. I guess they just aren’t good enough to play them. :\