FCC okays 'Net wiretapping'

“Broadband providers and Internet phone services must comply with wiretapping requirements designed for the traditional phone network, the Federal Communications Commission said in a preliminary decision Wednesday.”

Jesus christ. This is the part that gets me the most-

“unless they provide police with backdoors for wiretapping access [and] they asked the FCC to force surveillance back doors into instant-messaging programs”

<a href=“http://news.com.com/Fahrenheit+FBI/2010-7352_3-5300198.html”>This guy</a> has a running list of questions he wants to ask ashcroft and the FBI, but it seems like he is defending these privacy infringments, and trying to make them stronger in some cases.

<a href=“http://news.com.com/Feds+back+wiretap+rules+for+Internet/2100-7352_3-5296417.html”>The article.</a>


I know, this may be the only time I can talk about Canada’s underground army that’s poised to invade the U.S.

But if they’re underground, how can they invade?

The Elite Groundhogs.

Time to start using encrypted IMs?

That’s better than our name right now : The Prarie-dog Commandos