Favourite attacks

Since there is always that annoying “Fav FF” thread or any others talking about your Fav FF Whatever!. I am just going to be annoying and put up a thread on your favourite skill,special,materia,trance,limit/whatever! So post your favourite Final Fantasy attacks here.

Mine is Omnislash,Doomsday,Mug,Auto-Life,Final Attack-Phoenix,Soulution 9, and Zombie Attack.

Bum Rush. God, I love that thing.

Squall’s “Blast something” limit-thingy from FF8. THe one where his sword grows tall enough to poke out of the atmosphere, and he drops it onto an enemy. Good exageration.

That would be Blasting Zone, and that is one damn crazy attack!

Actually I think “Blast-Something Limit Thingy” is the best name for an attack ever.

Totaly with you on that name. Now only if Rinoa had something that cool instead of her stupid dog.

Omnislash and Tifas limits from FFVII. She ends up my strongest character because of them and they look cool.