Favorites in the X series

Well, after getting the Mega Man Anniversary Collection, my love for the blue bomber has returned (I played Mega Man almost everyday until I got a PSX). I got a little seperated due to means of getting the games once they moved to the SNES and eventually fell out when they moved to PSX. However, my love is backa dn I have missed so many. I’ve playe d abit of the X series (mostly just X1) and I liked it. So with my new love of Mega Man games, I’ve decided to try them. Knowing that we have many Mega Man fans here I turn here to find out your favorite Mega Man X games. I’ve been playing X1-X3 on an emulator, but I’d rther have the actual game since the keyboard doesn’t cut it when pulling off all of those fancy moves. Anyway, so what are the best X games according to you guys? Just say your favorite(s) and which ever one gets the most votes I’ll go on a search for and try to get.

I’m a Megaman fanboy. I havn’t tried MMX7 yet, but I would very much like to, despite what I have heard. I love the X series just as much as the original, if not more.

My aboslute favorate would have to be the first one, though. I’m an oldskool gamer. I can get everything in the game in one sitting and defeat almost every boss with just the buster. :smiley:

I didn’t have an actual favorite; however, the series fell out of favor with me in game six, when they brought Zero back (then got rid of him, them brought him back for the next game). He has his own series now, Capcom. Leave him out of X already! That, and they turned X into such a wuss that you can’t help but hate him! Get it right next time, or I’ll burn you to the ground! DO YOU HEAR ME, CAPCOM?! DO YOU?!!

Most people have told me that X was their favorite, but I prefer X2. Comedy over tragedy. X2 perfects the gameplay that X introduced. I liked its music more too, though many people disagree.

X5 and X6 are my favourites.

X2 and 6 were mine.

X4 is my favorite…it’s also the only one I played, but I really liked it.


X3 and 4 for me. I liked X3’s bosses and weaponry, and I liked X4’s levels, characters, and anime sequences, even if they sucked. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also the fact that I have the X3 PSX PAL servion never fails to make me smile. ^^

X, X2, and X5. X3 and X4 are alright. X6 and X7 are sub-par, but nice if you are a big fan of the series, but dont expect them to be as good as the rest of the series.

X1 and 2 were amazing. X3, I personally did not like, but I realize I’m in the minority on that one. X4 was just as awesome as the first two, and its worth it to play. X5 and X6…At about X5, the development team changed. There’s a huge feel change from X4 or X5. X5 is an ok game, but I think it’s really just bland. X6 is definitely the worst damn Mega Man game I’ve ever played. It’s truly a very unfair game for X, and it’s just…stupid. :stuck_out_tongue: X7 is a game that most people don’t like. I liked it. It’s definitely different, but they pulled of the 3D Mega Man feel a lot better than the Mega Man Legends games, and it’s a HUGE improvement over X5 and X6, in my opinion.

I liked the X4 fight between Maverick Zero and Pre-Maverick Sigma. Shame Capcom went to still images and voiceovers after that. :frowning:


X3 and X5 were my favorite (Even thought i liked them all) but those two are the top of my list.

So the votes so far are:

MMX - 3
MMX2 - 5
MMX3 - 2
MMX4 - 4
MMX5 - 3
MMX6 - 2
MMX7 - 1

And a plus one to MMX1- MMX5 from d galloway. At this point, I think I’ll go for X2 mostly, but try to get X4 and X1 or X5 if I find them fairly cheap. I also read the other ones, I just tallied the highest ranked among the individual, such as SG and Ionmage list the quality of the others and not just the best. Keep them coming, this is great and giving me good feedback.

I would choose X2. It was basically a refinement on the first game’s style, but the changes they made were all improvements. In the third, they became hindrances; there was just too much mostly useless stuff. And later, they just beat the premise to death.

Heh. In the UK that just isn’t possible anymore. X5 goes for £50 on amazon, and X3 for £70. PAL MMX games are hard to find now.

I actually lost interest in Mega Man after the X series started. I found the games to be so much harder than the earlier series and stopped playing them. Hower, since it’s the only one I remember playing, I’ll have to go with the first Mega Man X.

I love Megaman X.

Storm Eagle > Every other Megaman X baddie.

I would also have to say i’m a MegaMan Fanboy, I just love them all no matter how good or bad they are. Though i still have to say idk what they were thinking sometimes with x6 but other then that they are all awsome :smiley:

My personal favorite would have to be…a Tie between X2 and X3 (I can’t decide sorry >.<) I love x2 for the music and the levels, plus i thought they had some very creative Mavericks. For example: Morph Moth, I would have never ever think of a maverick like that. I like x3 for basically the same reasons also ^.^;;; though if you did get everything in the game it was a bit to easy then.

Favorite Maverick: Armord Armadillo from X and OverDrive ostrich from X2
Favorite Level: Armord Armadillo from x and Cyber Peacocks From X4
Favorite Level Music: Armor Armadillo >.>;; and Sigmas fortress Stage 2 on X2
Favorite X armor: Shadow armor From x6, To bad I couldn’t use it all the time >.< grumbles dumbassleveldesingers

Also to BahamutXero: Woah… I found the Origional series to be way harder then the X games but maybe that’s just me, It just takes time to get used to the levels and the Bosses then you will probably get the hang of it :smiley: But, I am still going to kill the people who made the MM2 Wily fortress, MM7 Wily fight for just pissing me off >.< and Who ever did the Level design in X6 and Made the final Boss in X6.

Woot! long post and I havent even said anything much about the origional series :hahaha; maybe another time.