Favorite villain/final boss design?

One of the things I’ve always liked about the SaGa series is its villains and unusual boss designs. But anyways, favorites, anyone?

Mine are Orlouge (SF) and Nicolette (SF2, I think that was her name? the vicious princess person) as villains. Orlouge’s motives for his actions were interesting and complicated enough to make you go “huh?” at the end of Asellus’ scenario; you have to play it a few times (or maybe read Essence) to get an idea. Nicolette was just…spiteful. Very humanly so; sometimes one gets tired of evil overlords who want to destroy the world because they got bored one day in the Forbidden Library or something. Nicolette felt her honor had been insulted and acted in the most primal way people do.
There are probably others in the series who were interesting. I can’t remember offhand, though, and I haven’t really delved that deeply into Unlimited SaGa.

In terms of final bosses, my favorites were the Destroyer (especially the gold form), and the Egg (especially the first form; the Egg was just plain cool to begin with, I like the idea of fighting something that was basically a conscentrated force of nature).


I haven’t played enough Saga games, but the Egg defintely. SF2 had some really nice boss designs. All the Edelritters had cool designs.

Orlouge is one of my favorite final bosses due to how his motivation are twisted and fresh. At least to me. I like how the destroyers looks myself. The Knights of the Roundtable from U.SaGa are cool in a sense of the way they look. Sure there are only really two designs for them, but it helps give them a uniform style look. Like they really are soldiers. I find the red ones much cooler looking. I also like the Egg although the last form is kind of creepy.

Well, these answers are subject to change as I have yet to play through Romancing SaGa, Romancing SaGa 2 or Unlimited SaGa, but here goes:

My favorite villains would probably be Apollo from SaGa 2, Orlogue from SaGa Frontier and Nicolette from SaGa Frontier 2. They’re just the ones that stuck with me.

As for boss designs, I’ve always liked Su-Zaku from the original SaGa. Apollo’s Magi-mutated form is interesting. I really like the Abyss Lords in Romancing SaGa 3, and the BlackX Henchmen in Red’s quest. My favorite final boss is the Egg.

My favorite villans are probably Orlouge and Mondo, while as for Boss Designs, I really like T260g’s final (name fails, all i remember is Carnage Heart, one of his attacks) and the Earth Dragon (i’ve always been partial to turtle dragons for some reason).

I’m not far enough in USaGa to have come across any great bosses, though I love the vampire Ventus is seeking (Kharn or some such)

Orluge was cool but he was hard, Emelia using DSC in its strongest form only did 10000 normal 6000 and weak 3000. p:unch::

Before he summoned all 3 of the misstresses if your party was fast enough you could prevent him from attacking. If your party finished attacking before the misstress or himself attacked he wouldnt attack. :hahaha;

Seven Heroes hands down. I haven’t even gotten to the end, or even comprehended the plot twists involved (no habla Japanese) and they’re already the best.

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The Destroyer and the Egg.

The Destroyer comes out of nowhere, but is still one frightening hoe. Add to that the buildup involving the prophecy of the Divine King and the history of that world. The cherry on the cake is that even with a seasonably powerful party armed with the beat gear, she can still win.

For a game that chronicles the entry into an industrial age for SF2’s world, the Egg is about as perfect a ‘villain’ as you can get. An ancient being who just wants to get out and play, but his methods of play involve construction and deconstruction like a child treating the world and it’s inhabitants as building blocks. The cherry on the cake is that even with mass preparations and hours upon hours of levelling, he can still win.

And honorable mention to BlackX. Gotta love fighting a crime syndicate.

I dont have many experience with the SaGa series but i like

the boss from RS 1
the Destroyer
the seven heroes
the Egg (only the first form, the second is very weird)
i also like the demon lords from RS 3, my favorite is Arrakes

Yeah, the demon lords are some creative looking bastards. Arakes is an inspiration.

I’ve always considered RS3 higher than FF6 on the Squaresoft monster-design chart.

you bet, the monsters from RS3 are much cooler than FF6 monsters, but Forneus Big Form is freaky