Favorite video game series

Whats your favorite video game series? Mine is Legacy of Kain. I can almost reciet the entire script of the series. I just like the deep and dark story of it. Final Fantasy would be in second place.

Video game series eh? I shall assume this is not limited to RPG’s, so…

After about 30 seconds of pondering, I’m gonna go with the Mario games. The old school NES ones never get old no matter how many times I play them, and there’s been a nice variety of really fun games since the SNES days, and they’re all just really neat and stuff. Like, even the sports games are fun, and I can’t stand sports!

Got to agree with that, I love the Mario games. (well, most of them)
Even now I go back and play the older ones all the time. I was playing Mario 64 and Mario Golf all weekend and even beat Mario 2 (SMAS version) on Thursday night just for fun.

Then again, Mario games cover like all the bases when it comes to genre, so it’s hard for other series to compete in a way.

final fantasy.

oh and legend of zelda series. the old school zelda game is just to hard to quit. :moogle:

Final Fantasy, Onimusha, Street Fighter, Guilty Gear, Silent Hill, Tales of … , Tekken, Xenosaga.

I could go on, but I won’t.

Mario Platformers. I wasn’t much for the Mario RPG thing, but I Super Mario World is like, the greatest game ever.

I’d say Tales, but I don’t have Destiny yet.

I’d say Colony Wars, but Red Sun sucked.

So my answer goes to Spyro. I have all 3 for the PS.

And since we’re here, can you call a game which has a sequal and just that a series?

eg Parasite Eve 1 and 2.


Medal of Honor. Rising Sun is currently my favorite.

Suikoden(waiting for 4) and breath of fire(thought dragon quarter sucked) rank high with me. Final fantasy is next.

Let’s see… in no particular order, I like the Mario games, the Wild ARMs games, the Legaia games, the Contra games and the NES Mega Man games.

Legacy of Kain, Mega Man X, Zelda and Final Fantasy, I suppose… and Golden Sun, of course. The MM Battle Network series is getting into my favorites list as well.

I hate that game. Very much. The characters are WAY too… helpful. They have to help out every single person they see. It drives me CRAZY! ::dekar!::

That’s just my opinion.

Final Fantasy is at the top of my list. Zelda and Mega Man are fun too. And Mario.

Smash Brothers. It’s fun to put the settings to 4 CPU controlled fighters and put them all to Jigglypuff, then listen to their cries as they go flying off into the background.

Also, Mario, Zelda, Double Dragon, and Final Fantasy series were fun. Medal of Honor is good, but has a couple minor drawbacks.

That reminds me, I am growing fond of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, despite the small number of standard maps. I’ve also played Call of Duty once or twice, and I enjoyed it. The car and truck chase parts reminded me of Indiana Jones for some reason.

I wish they would make a Medal of Honor game where you can play as the Japanese or Germans in one player mode.


FF, Sonic, Mario, the early Micro Machines games up to V3, Zelda, Streetfighter, Soul Blade/Calibur, Virtua Fighter, GTA

Nice selection, eh? :slight_smile:

Mario, Quest for Glory, Legacy of Kain, Sonic, Final Fantasy, and many others…

Breath of Fire. Quest for Glory. Darkstalkers. Resident Evil.