Favorite SuperBowl Ads.

What was your favorite?

Mine included the Coke GTA comercal and the Car Navigation UnitMan vs Mapzilla.

The commercials this year sucked. About half were already on TV before the Super Bowl (and the Coke video game was in theaters). The NFL fan contest one turned out much better than the pitch made it sound (although I still would’ve preferred the O-Line Dream commercial), and I did like the dig at Favre. Budweiser of course kept making good commercials. The Snickers one was funny too.

“Fries! Now!”

It takes a humble celebrity’s-former-husband to do that commercial.

I liked the one where everyone was slapping each other.

Oh yeah, and the series of commercials where the office was likened to jungle survival.

It wasn’t that they sucked, it was that there weren’t enough good ones.

I liked the Doritoes ones the best.

They were better than the ones last year, but they were still bad overall. The slapping one (Budweiser, I think) made me laugh though. Maybe it’s just me, but that commerical with the guys beating up the guy dressed as a heart came off an attempt to be funny that fell flat on its face.

I didn’t think this was a good year for the commercials either. My favorite was the wedding auctioneer, but none of these compared to the Budweiser magic fridge or stadium card commercials.

But the best super bowl ad ever is the game of HORSE between Bird and Jordan. That is just class.

Bud Light immigrant commercial deeply touched me – No speak English.
And Blockbuster’s mouse ad was kind of cute.
Most of the commercials were kind of flat though; the game was better than the ads for a change.