Favorite Summon

There are a lot of summons in the Final Fantasy series, and most of them can help you beat that final boss. Which is your favorite?

I personally like Diablos in Final Fantasy VIII. He has a cool animation and an attack that is non elemental, so you don’t have to worry about him suddenly healing the monsters you are fighting.

Hmmm, let me think a sec…

points to name

The king of dragons rules all!

Even though this topic has been done to death, I will comment.

The only probelm with Diablos, is that he can not hurt bosses. Believe me, I have tried many times, and everytime it did zero damage!

As for my favourite summons, it would have to be Alexander (from anyone), and Yojimbo (FFX).

Diablo is like casting Demi, because thats basically his effect, he takes a % of the enemy’s hp up to 9999. Fave summon ever would have to be… Imp or Bomb, or whatever they are from FF4.

my favorite summon would have to be…uhh…umm… so many…
hades from FF7

Diablos was the man. he always hit bosses for me, because he was really levelled up…I’m not sure though, if the damage is associated with his level…but it definately doesnt hurt to have him strong because once he’s at a good level, his first attack is usually 9999…really helpful when obtaining/defeating that damned Tonberry.

Odin, specifically FF8 Odin. Man he rocked.

Diablos is elemental, it has a Gravity element . . . doesn’t it?

Well, anyway . . . My favorite summon (GF, Esper, Eidolon, Aeon, whatever you prefer to ‘call’ it) would have to be Bahamut. What can I say? I LOVE dragons!

Which one?

Magus sisters.

They’re cute.

And they destroy very well.


I loved Odin from FF8. I thought he rocked - randomly coming in and killing everything on the screen is fun.

I already made a thread of this, but meh.


The best summon is without a doubt Bahamut.

I’ve said this multiple times, and I will never back down from it: Alexander is the best damn Summon in any FF game.

Valkerie Esker, Alexander from which game?

She said any.

Definitely Odin. He has always had some cool sword attacks in each game, some instant wins. Crusader from FF6 looked pretty cool too, but summons weren’t very powerful compared to characters in that game though…

I’m partial to FF8’s Doomtrain.

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She said any.

Yeah, but FFVI and VII’s Alexanders were the best. I mean, he shot holy lasers of doom!

shiva! she rules! especially in ff10 when she clicks her fingers in her limit break:cool: