Favorite "stupid random humor" anime?

That is, like FLCL, Excel Saga, 2X2=Shinobuden. The ones that have no real plot or focus, or make any sense.

Mine are Excel and Shinobuden. I’ll be honest, I havent seen many. Those are the only ones I’ve seen.

My range of knowledge on anime is rather limited, but I still feel very safe in saying the Jungle Wa Itsumo Hale Nochi Guu beats them all for downright random humor. I mean, how many other anime series have the main character travel back in time and fall in love with his own mother, EVEN WHEN HE KNOWS THAT SHE IS HIS MOTHER!

Ranma 1/2

I’ll have to agree with Izlude.

Jungle Wa Itsumo Hale Nochi Guu.

I’d like to watch Excel Saga when I’ve got time. It looks very quirky and full of oh so where else but Japan humour.

Miyu. :mwahaha:

Er… I mean… I’m going to have to agree with Izlude and Big Dizzy and say Ranma. Excel Saga gets bonus points for the parody per episode thing and the ‘no gags’ episode, but Ranma is classic for me, and has characters I’ve grown to care for, which I could never do with ES.

I’m being far to analytical for a ‘random humour’ thread, aren’t I? :fungah:

azumanga rocks

Ranma 1/2, and Azumanga Daiho.

Azumanga is great, but it does not qualify. It doesnt throw out a bunch of things that make you scratch your head, wondering what the point of that was.


I’d say Shinobuden, Excel Saga and the spinoff/sequel Puni Puni Poemi and Dragon Half (or at least the two eps that exist)…

To me Azumanga Daioh is random, like the tomatoes thing.

Excel Saga is ym GOD.

Really Long Name Guu!
What RPT said.

Special mention to Puni Puni Poemi and Super Milk-chan


Oooh! I just saw the first two episodes of this, but ‘Happy Lesson’!

The only one I have seen is FLCL, so my vote goes for that.