Favorite Sport

What is your favorite sport, I’m just curious to know? Mine’s track because I have some natural talent, and I practiced to be the best javelin thrower in the U.S for 13-14 year olds :P.

Since I’m not counting Karate as a sport, because it’s an ART people, I’d say rugby. I don’t play with a club, but I enjoy viciously taking people down in the matches we sometimes have in school. Also, I’m damn good at getting through defenses.

Golf! Nah wait, that’s not a sport and I suck at it. I like swimming, it’s fun. ^^


Or swimming or skiing. One of the three. =)


Bowling and tennis

Baseball, and Bowling.

Rugby. Hard to find teams here, though.

Extreme Dodgeball.

Sweet sweet lo- oh wait. Karate.

“That’s not a sport! It’s an activity and/or an event!”

Doing your mom…oh wait that’s a job. Sport…uh I guess basketball (it’s the blackness in me).

Karate used to be an art, but no one actually uses it for fighting anymore. They use it to win competitions. It’s a sport.

I happen to really like badminton.

soccer, darts, snooker, 8-ball, 9-ball



I guess my favourite sport would be football (OR soccer to all you Americans). But I don’t really like playing competitively. That just takes all the fun out of it for me.

Sumo Wrestling.


Epic: Its only an “event” for people who shouldn’t be doing it in the first place.