Favorite RPG setup?

Not sure what to call this, hopefully it’s self-explanatory.

Games for the first option have little or no replay value.

I like games that have a main plot, but you can do anything. Also, games that don’t end when you finish the linear quest. Daggerfall and Morrowind are great examples of this.

I like having options and choices…it’s an rpg. But I don’t like games that are too open ended that you don’t know how to continue the story. Your just wondering around, that gets boring.

Golden Sun 2 had an annoying trait. The plot was linear, but for some reason you had to go around looking for the pieces of the trident without any clues whatsoever. That was almost as annoying as the battles with Dullahan and the Doom Dragon. -_-

I’m sick of linearity. KOTOR 2 had a well defined plot, but in practice you could hop between the planets in any order you wanted. Too bad there weren’t more sidequests.

As for games that don’t end after you’ve beaten the final boss, the only one I can think of besides World of Warcraft is Fallout 2… Thing is, it gets boring to wander around when there’s nothing left to do, even if you get to watch the effects of some of your actions.


Mix. Baldur’s Gate pulled it pretty well, mixing the sidequests with the real plot, except the real plot blew ass.

It really, truly, did.
The character relationships could be pretty good, though. I found the Mazzy/Yoshimo romance to be quite amusing, if a little disturbing to think about.

I must be the only player on earth who doesn’t hate Aerie.