Favorite non superpowered villians in video games

So I was thinking who is your favorite villian that isn’t superpowered,it can be someone who attained their strenght by shear training,or where intelectually superior than almost anyone,but they must’nt have had some sort of item powering them,or any tipe of transformation.

For me it had to be Luca Blight from Suikoden 2,the guy was just so strong,I mean it took an army just to bring him down(and a butt load of arrows)and even then he could kick your ass in the duel with him.

Most definately Luca Blight. He just had a tragic past, insanity, and sheer determination to keep him alive. I liked that. It wasn’t about the armor.

Lezard Valeth. I know he got the Philosopher’s Stone, but all he got from that was information and spells, he still had to learn how to use them and even translate the friggin’ thing to begin with.

But of course, the one who truly became a badass out of pure training: Janus Zeal.

Probably Jupiter (Deptford Mice Triligy). He didn’t REALLY have powers. He was just clever enough to figure out alchemy, and magic, and crap…plus, when he turned into an evil ghost spirit of doom, it was because he DIED…and was to stubborn to stay dead…plus he was using an all powerful magical item thing to get what he wanted, and…yeah.