Favorite new WC3: Frozen Throne hero

If I were to pick a favorite new hero, it would definitely be the Warden. Fan of Knives is ridiculously strong, and Shadow Strike at level 3 does 225 damage and another 150 over time. I can’t forget Vengeance, either. THAT’S one of my favorite moves. I wouldn’t have been able to stop Illidan’s summoners without Vengeance.

The runner up would probably be the Blood Mage. Flame Strike is definitely one of my new favorite moves, as is Phoenix. Banish is also good.

i used to play alot of orc before the expo, and im just getting used to them again, and the SH is really what the orcs needed…

ive had some crazy 2v2 cobra ward duels 0_0

PotM is still the best :stuck_out_tongue: The warden is cool, but the advantage isn’t as nice as the priestess’ Trushot Aura.