Favorite movie soundtrack

Well, this isn’t a poll, but I couldn’t think of anywhere else to put it, and I didn’t want to get bitched at for putting it in the main forum, so here we go. What’s everyone’s favorite movie soundtrack? I’m going to say the Queen of the Damned soundtrack. Simply riviting.

Well that used to be my favourite soundtrack, actually. But I got kind of bored of it, so I pawned it. There’s not that many soundtracks that I’ve heard, and that I still like.

Star Wars 2 was preety good, and it helps that it’s also the ST for Galactic Battlegrounds.

Training Day.

O Brother, Where art Thou soundtrack. That was a good movie too.


I kinda like the matrix soundtrack and Edward Scissor Hands.

IMO movie soundtracks suck and are a waste of time. Off the top of my head my favourite movie soundtrack song was Hate to Say I Told You So - The Hives on the spiderman soundtrack but it had nothing to do with spiderman at all O_o

Soundtracks are just really well put together mix cd’s.

Pirates of the carribbean
Donnie Darko
The Little Mermaid
Edward Scissor Hands


The Little Mermaid
The Rocky Horror Picture Show
The Nightmare Before Christmas
Moulin Rouge (the music on the second disc is amazing)

What? Moulin Rouge was a terrible movie because of the music.