Favorite Media Player




It doesn’t suck, listens to what I say, plays music, and it comes with sexy skins.


Winamp for music, VLC for video. They play what I want them for, do what I say, have no side effects.

I like Windows Media Player and Winamp almost equally. I’ll go with WMP because I’m more used to it, though I do find Winamp mostly more user friendly.

And thanks, Rinn. I’ll get that.

Totem if Gnome, MPlayer or VLC if XFCE4.

Real Player, I got no issue with it.

Foobar 2k for audio, Zoom Player and VLC for video. VLC’s subtitles support is a tad lacking, but it is handy of have around for videos that you just want to fucking work as it will play broken, incomplete or strangely formatted files better than anything else. Zoomplayer has all the fancy stuff that VLC lacks, but is noticeably flakier about what it will actually play (I can’t get it to play wmv9 and .mp4 videos reliably).

Winamp for music, Media Player Classic for video. Though Winamp has been bugging me lately. -_-

I tend to use WMP for video, and I haven’t listened to music on my PC in a while. When I do happen to do that, it’s usually through iTunes.