Favorite intro movie

What’s your favorite introduction when you turn on the game or start a new game. My favorite is Chrono Cross’s. It shows you a lot of what’s in the game without spoiling it and the music flows woth what they are showing at the time. I also like FF8’s and Wild Arms’s

A tie between FF7 and FF8.


Wild Arms

No other opening cinema can bring a tear to my eye. Wild Arms has the best opening, period.

I agree.

Either Chrono Cross or FFVIII.



Chrono Cross easily.

I’d normally agree, considering it’s Metal Gear Solid; but I prefer Snake Eaters’ introduction. Man, halo-jumps rock.

But, as I opened this thread, I thought it meant only RPG’s, so I guess RPG-wise, either Wild ARMs 3, or Final Fantasy 6 (disc).

Hmmm. Probably FF8. MGS2 was also quite awesome.

I like the opening to dark cload, and grandia 2. I also thought mgs2 and chrono cross were good.

:moogle: I liked the opening to x-2… what? why every one looking at me like that?

Warcraft 3. It had a LoTR-like feel, for some reason.

Wild Arms. The music was wonderful, and it set the scene, as it were, nicely.

I second that! Plus the ones in the Ratchet & Clank Series…

Final Fantasy VIII. The opera music gives it a wonderfully passionate touch.

I agree, all the cinemas that came with and after Warcraft 3 were fucking amazing… not to mention badass.

How could no one say FFX!?!? COME ON! JECHT! JECHT! SHOW HIM RESPECT!!

FF8 and Wild ARMS 3