Favorite Horror/Scary Movie?

The Thing

They Live

Halloween 1 & 2

Texas Chainsaw Massacre (the original version, which ironically, wasn’t very bloody)

Lost Boys

House 1 & 2

The Fog

Big Trouble in Little China

The Shining

Nightmare on Elm Street


The Dark Half

The Tingler (the cinematography is worth note in this one…only one part of it is in color, the rest of it in black & white)

Poltergeist 1-3

The People Under the Stairs

Silence of the Lambs

Night of the Living Dead

House on Haunted Hill (both the 1959 and 1999 version)

13 Ghosts

Nosferatu (1929 version)


The Cell

In the Mouth of Madness

Jacobs Ladder

The House of Wax (1953 version with Vincent Price)

Any of the Hammer Studios flicks

Alien 1 & 2

The Evil Dead trilogy

The Ring

Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978 version)

The Grudge



…ok, that’s all I can think of at the moment. Horror flicks are my favorite kinda movies, obviously. :stuck_out_tongue: Even if they’re corny and have bad special effects, they’re still fun to watch. :slight_smile:

Big Trouble in Little China counts as a horror/scary movie?

The Ring 1+2 (Japanese version)

House of 1000 Corpses.

Oh. Thanks Trillian. I had forgotten all about the old Nosferatu movie. That was great. That guy is still one of the creepiest looking people ever in films.

In general I don’t like horror movies, since I usually watch movies to relax, not to be scared or shocked. HOWEVER, there have a few horror movies I’ve enjoyed- usually the ones who have good ideas and/or good acting.

My favorite horror novels are Stephen King’s, but ironically, not all of the movie adaptations of his books are worth watching- they tend to change a LOT in them, specially the endings (in particular: the ending of NEEDFUL THINGS in the movie version is ENTIRELY DIFFERENT from the book’s. I much prefer the book. Check it out.)

Trill: You sure like horror movies! I’m a fan of the old monster movies, having watched them on tv as a kid- though even then they didn’t scare me much.

The Tingler? Wow, you know your obscure movies! And I found it VERY gross, because I hate centipedes. BTW, did you know that on its release, the movie theaters were rigged so the public could be given small electric shocks when The Tingler was onscreen, in order to scare them? Glad I saw it on TV! ^ ^

Old Horror Movie Challenge: Who here can identify these movies: The Brainiac, The She-Monster, The She-Creature, Attack of the Giant Crabs?

The Thing (80’s version) had a cool concept, what with the shapeshifting alien replacing people and creating paranoia.

Wow, I thought I was the only one who remembered the House movies! (thought House 2 was more like a fantasy comedy…) How about the Gate (I and II) seen them?

And, hey, Walhalla: I LOVE Short Circuit too, SPECIALLY part two! One of the coolest 80’s comedies ever. :biggrin:

I think the Ring is overrated, didn’t scare me at all and the idea just seems ridiculous. The grudge wasn’t great, but at least better then the Ring. Haven’t seen the original verisons of the film yet.

When i saw Jurassic Park in the theater, my mom had to take me out of the theater since i got scared when t-rex got out. Arachnophobia, i think made me afraid of spiders that i would scream when i saw one >_< Damn movie! I was young then though, nothing since has scared me.

Shaun of the dead would be one of my favorites except it seemed the only good parts were in the previews. :confused:

Favorite horror movies: Carrie, Evil Dead(i’ve only seen one maybe, but i love it’s campiness), Jurassic Park, Aliens, uh can’t think of any others that someone hasn’t all ready mentioned

I didn’t see those fad teen slasher flicks well except for the first Scream, which sucked. I like biological horror movies that seem plausible like dinosaurs or aliens on another planet. Psychological thrillers are good too, Se7en and Silence of the lambs of course. Suspect Zero was interesting.

The Hand of Manos >_>

From Justin to Kelly, so scary i haven’t seen it.

I just enjoyed the holloween series. Others, i thought were odd. I liked when they made fun of the movies, with the scary movie series, that was hilarious.

I liked the realness of Ringu. When you think about it, people who are scared to death would most likely look like how those actors looked. The American version realied a lot on shock value. Especially when they made the people’s faces look decayed when they were scared to death.

Lex: I do agree with you fully there. The blue faces and what-not on the US version were kind of ridiculous.

One that I hadn’t seen mentioned here yet that scared the poo out of me was The Serpent and the Rainbow. That movie still freaks me out a bit.

gosh u rite guud.

Also, anything from japan that is americanized in the slightest bit, is always dubbed as crap by everyone, even if they havent seen the original. Often people like the movie until they find out it was changed. I’ll tell you, the american Grudge is far superior to the crappy japanese version. in pretty much every way.

Try movies like <i>Shall we Dance</i>. The Japanese version is much more powerful, as it functions on quirks of the Japanese mindset that aren’t present in America and are translated plot-wise in a very vague and unsatisfying way. We need to create for ourselves in this country on occasion.

And exactly how do YOU know if the japanese actors are any good? Do you speak japanese? Do you know how things are pronounced and everything? As far as you know they could all be the japanese equivilant of Keanu Reeves. Or they could be speaking in the japanese equivilant of a Brooklyn accent. Perhaps somone had a Kyotonean Accent. I dunno. I dont claim to be well versed in the everything asian.

You learn to pick up on emotional cues after a while. The lip movement also matches by default. Subtitle translation, because of the difference between speaking and reading speed and the way we think about it (look at all the dialogue that goes on in a fight in a superhero comic, and then try to replicate it in City of Heroes), provides more detailed informatin about what the characters are saying (see the “Banana oil” coverup of “bakayaro” in <i>Gigantis the Fire Monster</i>). Plus the more subtle mistakes are not as noticeable to anyone but a hyperfluent student. In other words, it’s less annoying. I refuse to see kung-fu films dubbed, because they invariably fuck things up while dubbing.

Now for the movies.

The Thing, as Trilly mentioned. Nothing like the dynamics of trust.

It Came from Outer Space. Not true horror, as it becomes simply hard SF halfway through.

Alien. Claustrophobia, disembowlment, a perverted form of reproduction.

Dead of Night. It’s old skool.

Dracula. The Spanish Universal production is extraordinary. Bela Lugosi’s no slouch either. The whole thing is damn creepy when you’ve studied the work.

That’s all I can think of for now. Maybe I’ll come back and play later.

The last movie to really scare me was The Thing. And Invasion of the Body Snatchers and The Puppet Masters were pretty good too. I guess there’s something about people becoming the monsters and losing their identities that’s more frightening than something otherworldly.

OMFG The Howling and it’s sequels are awesome. But I recommend the book too.

Horror movies aren’t really my thing. I’ve just never been fond of the gore that usually goes with the genre.

But the best one I’ve seen recently would be Shawn of the Dead. That was actually quite a funny spin on the zombie style.