Favorite Horror/Scary Movie?

I’m sitting here watching Exorcist so I figured I’d start this thread. I’ve never liked slasher-type horror movies. Anything that is substantial does not scare me because you can always just whap it with a stick. Spiritual things do scare me though because I believe in spirits and there is no sure way to stop them. My favorite three are as follows:

  1. Exorcist - The classic horror movie. Good story and it does not hold anything back. It has some of the most grotesque scenes (because of what they expect from the child actor).

  2. The Woman in Black - This was actually a tv movie made for A&E back in the 1980s. It scared me silly the first time I saw it when I was like 8-10 years old. I had forgotten about it until a couple years ago, but I had the chance to watch it again and it was still a great movie. I like it because it generally goes against horror stereotypes. Most horror movies are so predictable that you know when something is about to happen. This movie does a great job of not using the obvious moments and sneaking in the scary moments.

  3. Blair Witch Project - I know a lot of people hate this movie and can’t fathom what is scary about it. I liked it though and it did a good job of scaring me when I first saw it. Plus I went camping the day after I saw it! That was a fun night…

I’m sure I’ve forgotten others. I’ll leave it to you guys to remind me of some.

Yea I already forgot a great one. The Ring!! I really liked that movie and thought had a lot of scary moments. The sequel was pretty bad, but the original one was great.

Also The Shining was quite good. HEEEEEEEEEEEEERE’S JOHNNY!

I like horror movies that involve serial killers or the functionally insane. They seem to be more likely to happen in real life. So, movies like Silence of the Lambs, Saw, umm, some other ones I don’t remember.

I enjoyed The Ring as well. I haven’t seen Exorcist yet.

I like anything Romero’s ever done, because unlike your typical zombie movie, his actually contain messages. (Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, Day of the Dead)

Zombi 2 - Fuck yeah, zombie vs. shark is awesome.

Evil Dead series - Bruce Campbell is god.

Dead Alive - Peter Jackson’s pre-LotR awesomeness. Friggin hilarious.

Can you tell I enjoy zombie flicks?

The horror/scary genre is by far my least favorite. I remember when I watched “The Exorcist” for the first time, I had to sleep in the living room at my friend’s house afterwards where there was this huge poster of this particular movie. It genuinely scared me to death.

Last one I saw was (palindroooooome, lolz) “White Noise” and even though it was admittedly a rather poor movie, it still scared me…

I liked “Evil Dead 3”, though, because it was funny. But that’s all. I never watched the other movies in the series, but last summer, I had a co-worker who told me everything about it anyway. Many, many times. God that was boring. :stuck_out_tongue: There was an Evil Dead Musical Comedy show in Montreal and he went to see it twice, so I also heard everything about it many times.

Walhalla, being scared is the best part! It’s what makes it worth watching :p. I notice your favorite movie is A Chinese Ghost Story. Considering the topic I’d like to hear more about it :p. Is it anime or live-action and for kids or adults?

Shinobi have you seen…28 Days I think it is? It is the only real zombie movie I’ve seen and it was quite good.

Yeah, I know being scared is the best part for most people, but it isn’t for me… Haha, and you almost got me there. This is so contradictory that my favorite movie could be about ghosts. :stuck_out_tongue: And I even waited more than a year to get the stupid DVD. :stuck_out_tongue: “A Chinese Ghost Story” has been produced by Tsui Hark in 1987 and it’s a fantasy-type movie (with a samurai, lady ghosts and vampires) for almost everyone. There are at least 2 sequels to it, but I never watched them. :stuck_out_tongue: The special effects in that movie are so bad that it can only be a comedy anyway. I watched it for the first time when I was less than 12, so I guess it’s just one of those movies you remember all your life without actually knowing why.

But my TRUE favorite movie is “Short Circuit”!

no way, really?? I loved the Short Circuit movies! Johnny 5 Alive! No disassemble. I don’t remember much of Short Circuit 1, but I really liked the second one where he gets gold plated and kicks butt to the “I need a Hero!” song by Bonnie Tyler. That was so awesome when I was a kid and frankly still is :p.

Anyway, that’s off topic. I’ll look for that Chinese Ghost Story movie. Someone on another forum also mentioned The Omen as a good ghost-type horror movie. I’m going to rent that tomorrow. I imagine Chinese Ghost Story will be a little harder to come by.

And Shinobi I found out the title of the film is “28 Days Later”. It was a really good zombie movie and believe me when I say I’m not a fan of the genre. “28 Days” is a romance movie with Sandra Bullock I think so don’t rent that by mistake :p.

Evil Dead series: Bruce Campbell

Night of the living dead: Just gotta love it. Just gotta friggin’ love this old classic.

Shawn of the Dead: This one’s just AWESOME!!!

Those are the ones I can think of now, I might edit this later.

I’ve seen 28 Days. I don’t see it as a true zombie movie since the Infected become living transmitters of the virus. Real zombie movies include eating of human body parts.

I consider 28 Days Later to be a zombie flick just because of the zombie-level crowds outside. But, you’re right, the creatures aren’t technically zombies.

I’m willing to sit through any zombie flick, though, no offense to Romero, Day of the Dead was a waste of my 3 hours (hopefully Land of the Dead makes up for it). Other than that, I’m not a fan of the slasher films, especially those that are directed towards teenagers (Scream, I Know What You Did Last Summer, etc). Psychological thrillers are the best, imo. That’s probably why I like Silent Hill so much.

Never The Ring… only Ring!
The Hollywood version of Ring was shit as far as I’m concerned… there was no proper horror. It was basically - show some white milky eyes, and add your occasional sudden scream. I LOVE the original, and have seen it TOO many times! And it’s still of course awesome!
The thing about Ring that I’ve found best is the suspense that it holds… and then releases… and so forth. It keeps you, (or at least did me, and many of my friends) in a tight hold, not letting you trust it at all, which then makes it truly scary!

That, and the shitty “trained American actors” sucked!
I will admit though, they all had a pretty weak ending…


You think you’re cool cuz you know about the original, and you think everyone else doesnt?

Also, anything from japan that is americanized in the slightest bit, is always dubbed as crap by everyone, even if they havent seen the original. Often people like the movie until they find out it was changed. I’ll tell you, the american Grudge is far superior to the crappy japanese version. in pretty much every way.

And exactly how do YOU know if the japanese actors are any good? Do you speak japanese? Do you know how things are pronounced and everything? As far as you know they could all be the japanese equivilant of Keanu Reeves. Or they could be speaking in the japanese equivilant of a Brooklyn accent. Perhaps somone had a Kyotonean Accent. I dunno. I dont claim to be well versed in the everything asian.

Fact of the matter is they were not talking about the japanese version. they’re talking about the american version. and it is called THE RING. It has a THE. so you cant say its never THE Ring. Cuz it is.

Do you also bitch about it when people call it THE Titanic? There was no THE in the name.

Scary movies I like:
Evil Dead 2
The Bunker
I dunno what else. I’m tired.

My 2 cents, it’s definitely going to be Silent Hill once they release it.

either Alien or Seven.

I’ve seen the Japanese version of The Ring (which isn’t just called “Ring,” it’s been romanized to “Ringu”), and, honestly, I like the US version better. I wish they’d followed the same story arch with The Ring Two that they had with Ringu 2 and 3, but I guess they thought cloning the movie Dark Water a few months before it’s localized and brought out over here anyway would be a good idea. Thanks, Hollywood.

As for The Grudge, I did like the Japanese version of that better. I thought it had more of an ambience than the US version did. Not that the US version was a bad film, I just didn’t think it stacked up mood-wise. It made up for it with infinitely better sfx, though.

my favorite movies are

[li]the shining
[/li][li]an american werewolf in london
[/li][li]the wolfman
[/li][li]shazam… have you seen him act?
[/li][li]the howling


The Shining.
Shawn of The Dead
Storm of The Century (TV Movie)

I dislike horror for the most part, mainly because it find it depressing and just disgusting (I am not fond of gore). However, there have been a few films which I have seen, like The Sixth Sense, which have relied mostly on suspense. I actually enjoyed those somewhat, although they might not be deemed truly horror films.

Rocky Horror Picture Show. >.>

Probably Alien, though. Mm.