Favorite Heroine?

Who is your personal favorite leading lady in the series? This is the main female such as Yuna. Not supporting female such as Rikku.

My vote goes to Garnet/Dagger of FFIX.Tremendous amount of beauty, character and very good summons.

Black tar.

Oh, heroine.

I like Flower’s interpretation of the question better. >.>

This is kinda a hard question to answer, since for quite a few FF games, there is no one real heroine… I mean, I can make a case for Rydia and Rosa of FFIV… Terra and Celes of VI… Tifa and Aeris of VII… And with a liuttle stretch of the imagination, I can work ion Kaeli and Phoebe into thatr mix, too.

How bout we get together sometime. You sound like a 10.

I have a special place in my heart for Terra, but Yuna had a strong role as well, and I’m liking Ashe from FF12 more and more as the game goes on. She’s got more of a backbone than most of the heroes from the last three games put together.

This is like asking “What’s your favourite way to get anally raped?”

Much like in real life, female characters don’t make the cut.

This is a very good idea. Go for it.

Terra. She had it rough.

I love my female characters (IRL), thank you very much.

Maybe if you say that enough some girl will overhear you and be your girlfriend.

Agrias was the bizzish and Ovelia.

Hey, no need. I’ve had this printed on every article of clothing I wear. Saying it would be overkill.

Very mature, Hades.

I like the ones with the boobies.

I’m liking the one that is gonna be in FF XIII but as far as ones who I actually used I’d go with Celes.

I put about as much thought into my replies as people put into the threads I reply to.

Stupidity is one thing, nastiness is another.

Hades: I think that what you’re getting at is that the female characters (much like the male ones) in Final Fantasy are lackluster two or one dimensional things that one could barely deign to call characters. It’s kind of like asking what your favorite brand of fruitcake is.

That being said, I still have a soft spot for Locke, even if he is only a barely characterized archetype.

I don’t have a favourite brand of fruitcake… It’s not my type of food.

GAP: I’d actually disagree with that, certainly in the last couple of games, but I’m not in the mood of a big sprawling conversation about it.