Favorite Gaming System

Which of these gaming systems do you like the most?

I list GC the most.

I like the PS2…lots of rpg’s to choose from.

Someone voted other and didn’t specify! :hyperven: KILL THEM!


nah, I like the PS2… but the X-Box is a close second.

Ohter. SNES.


The Sega Mega Drive :moogle:


Where is the Wonderswan Colour?
Only a fool would forget the Wonderswan Colour!

Behold its grandeour!

I should have labled this “New Gaming System”, but I’m glad so many people like the SNES. I still play mine all the time (and/or the emulator on my laptop).


…clearly, I am a fool ::doh::

What the hell is that thing anyway? Seriously.

Heh, I chose GBA, although it was a tough choice… I wish I could’ve voted for all my favorites, but there can be only one… the GameCube and the SNES were close seconds though.

i chose PS2, i have loads of rpgs for it. computer probably comes second cus i like playing online first person shoot em ups

I haven’t voted, simply because I have a PS2, GC and Xbox and I treat them all equally. You… you consolist!

Erm… I’d not vote Computer, this thing can’t handle its games too good.

Other, Super Nintendo. The first time I played Secret of Mana I was enthralled by it and to this day still worship it. It was a tough descision since my favourite game, FF7 is on Play Station, but Super Nintendo had great classics by Square & other memorable games like Donkey Kong and Super Mario. Ahhhh, clearly a great console.

I’m going to have to go with the Xbox for this one.
It has my favorite genres (Action, FPS, racing, and Western RPGs) and a extremely good Online service.

PS: I own a Ps2, a Xbox, AND a GameCube.
In yo face, bitch. :hahaha;

PS2~~~ :enguard:

Sinclair ZX Spectrum :yipee: :yipee: :yipee: :ah-ha!: One word: Dizzy :hahaha;

It’s a Wonderswan Colour. As I said.

Originally posted by Nulani
It’s a Wonderswan Colour. As I said.

I’ve heard that name before but I don’t know where…
Wasn’t my beloved Tactics Ogre Knight of Lodis (re-)released on it?

I wouldn’t know. But Wonderswan Colour has seen a lot of rereleases.

I’m going with the SNES, there are a lot of classic rpg’s to play on that system. The PS2 comes in as a close second.