Favorite Fruit?

I’m sure this has been done before; but I don’t care. It probably died, and no one cared about it. coughHades&CondimentPoll

What’s your favorite fruit? I thought of this while eating my grapefruit I just bought, with a spoon!. And, as you can guess, grapefruit is my favorite fruit. It’s so horrible tasting, and sour/icky, it makes me unique in liking it. :>

I like <strike>mustard</strike> pears.

Favorite fruit? Why Eden of course. Oh but I jest. Seriously, Granny Smith Apples.

You too? (The apples, not the Eden, lol)

I always liked oranges, but my favorite has to be any type of apple that is sweet and crunchy.

I like tropical fruit!

I like melons. >>;

awaits mis-quoting

Me too :). No, but seriously, kee-wees rock.

I like apples myself.

Clementines, the bestest fruit on earth. Followed closely by apples and bananas.

singingI like to eat, eat, eat, apples and bananas…

Tie between Clementines, Strawberries, and Watermelons.

Watermelons, with bananas in second place.

I’m not into fruit a lot but watermelons rock… especially when it’s hot… and oranges are good too, When I was on a holiday in Turkey, I had the best orange ever…

I prefer vegetables.

Clementines? Where I come from, we call those oranges.

ANYWAY, I want to give props to several awesome fruits.

Kiwis, you would probably be the winner if it wasn’t for your annoying furry peel. For shame!

Carambola (Starfruit), you rock. Greatest fruit ever? Perhaps.

Oh, honeydew… where would I be without you? So sweet and delicious…

Fuji apples CAN BE absolutely mind-blowingly good. But not always.

And I know I dissed clementines earlier, but mandarin oranges in general rock.

Oh, and I have a soft spot for Asian pears at times.

Pineapples are pretty awesome, especially when you cook with them.

Mangoes would be good, if they weren’t so damn messy.

Hey, you know what? I pretty much like all fruit. Go me.

I forgot pomegranets. They are a lot of fun to eat.

Technically, you’d be wrong then; they’re closer to tangerines than oranges.

clem·en·tine ( P ) Pronunciation Key (klmn-tn, -tn)

n. A deep red-orange, often seedless mandarin orange.

tan·ger·ine ( P ) Pronunciation Key (tnj-rn, tnj-rn)

n. A widely cultivated variety of mandarin orange having deep red-orange fruit with easily separated segments

In conclusion, tangerines are just a type of mandarin orange too.

Lies! All lies! They’re out to get me, and you’re one of them! Fiend! Ah!

Strawberries 0wn. ^^

Bananas and mandarin oranges. Cuz they’re easy to peel. I’m too lazy to peel oranges and the like. :stuck_out_tongue: