Favorite final fantasy

This is pretty self explanitory, what is everyone’s favorite Final Fantasy game? Mine is FF9 because I love the way the summoning system works and FF 9 just has it all. By the way, I’m new, but no need to state the obvious :no2:

I know you’re new…but you wouldn’t believe how many times this has been done before…please use some common sense, we’re an RPG community, of course this will have been asked many, many times before.

We also (if you took the time to look) have a board specifically for Final Fantasy…I know you’re new, but that doesn’t neccessarily mean you’re blind too.

hello, yes pretty obvious question, yes as he said there is a forum for RPG’s and FF so better go there.

Oh, so sorry, I didn’t take the time to look.

There’s also a board for polls, which is what this is.

[STRIKE]There’s a polling forum too.[/STRIKE] :mwahaha:

EDIT: Lex is too quick for me.

Before this gets locked: FFX and FFT.