Favorite FF Character

Despite my fears of this being the most overused of the possible Final Fantasy threads, I would still like to know who your favorite FF character is. (of any Final Fantasy)

I like Cecil from FF4(I think, I always called it 2) before he turned into a pansy paladin, or Locke from 5.(3?) The characters of PSX glory always seem to be self-hating pubescent teens, and I never had any desire to play 10 or 11.

All the threads in the FFC have been reused roughly one or two thousand times, so it’s okay. They also tend to cause flame wars among rabid fanboys/girls too.

ff2 is ff4, easytype version i believe, and ff3, is ff6. And my favourite, is Sabin (ff6), strong, funny, and a great person. or any generic character, like the ghosts(ff6) or onion kids(ff3).

CLOUD: for some reason…

Funny, my favorite was Cecil BECAUSE he became “a pansy paladin”. At first, because I liked how he was a lot stronger and had cool color-changin hair. Later on, as I could better understand the subtle nuances of games, I appreciated him for the fact that he turned form his dark path to embrace the light and repent for what he had done. Also, he’s the only FF main character I know of that ever gets some definite nookie. And God bless him for that.

I liked Auron for his badass-ness, and because he reminded me of Gatsu pre-psychopath.

I’d go for Irvine. He’s funny and moronic but has a deep emotional/corny side… and he’s a cowboy damnit!

My other favorite is Zidane, for about the same reasons as Irvine, minus the cowboy hat. Then there’s just about everyone in FFVI, because they all rocked. :ah-ha!: :moogle: :mwahaha: :wave: :hahaha; :thud:

Gemini: I usually like FF Characters who make me laugh a lot. Like for example. Rikku, since she acts a lot like a dumb blonde, or I can say Quina…
Quina: What?! You Call me?
Gemini: I was just commenting on how much I liked you in FF9.
Quina: Why?! Me love yummy yummies!
Gemini: I knew that, and that’s why I hired you to be the RPG News Team’s head Chef. Plaus, you make me laugh with all your food comments.
Quina: Yay! Me love to cook! You eat Cajun tonight!
Gemini: yay.

Locke from 6j/3e. FFV hasn’t been released in English yet, stupid Square.

Vetrebond from FF11… Dark Knights rock swings his Cruel Scythe around

Actually, it has, but for PSOne, and there are also fan translations. Final Fantasy Legends is FF5/6, Final Fantasy Chronicles is FF4/CT, and Origins is FF1/2/3

And Now for my favorite FF character…I’m gonna have to say Auron, because even though 10 is not even close to my favorite FF, Auron’s badassery is second to none in the FF world

Every story has an ending…

I wish origins had ff3. It only has ff1 and ff2. ff3 is the only game not to be released in english, but it might be one of the best.

Rikku, and Yuna(FF10/10-2).

I find it strange that CT was released in a game that was meant to be in FF. And my fav is Barret because he gave a damn.

My favourite character would have to be Laguna, he was cool… in his own way.


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insert sarcastic comment here which looks like it’s desperately trying to look funny, implying that of course everyone here knows most of the FF-series inside out and this is one of 387465 threads, group 08, the standard FF- thread (“whats ur favorite FF?”, “do you know the ff-series?”, “who’s the coolest character/monster/summon?” etc.) everyone is extremely tired of but doesn’t dare to say anything because that might be considered trolling or flaming and your ass would get banz0red or you might just even look stupider than you normally do anyway; so instead this is just a sarcastic comment

This is the most environmentally conscious forum. We like to recycle everything, including old threads. Which reminds me: the “What’s your favorite FF” wasn’t done in over a month. Any one?

And my favorite FF character? Me.

Cloud, his hair and his whole attidude is great, like me in a way, has two ladies following him around :hahaha; :mwahaha: :moogle:

There a differnce with Snes -> PS1 games in the EU,

OK In the Europe FF4+5 are on FF:Anthology (European Edtion/Vertion) And FF6 stands alone. CT and CC haven’t been relaesed in the UK and Square have said their not are Localising it for the EU.


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Best Character: Hard, It’s a 6-way draw, Cloud, Aerith, Yuffie, Squall, Ivrine and Yuna. (The 7th/2nd place is 6-way too)