Favorite Female!


Yuffie Beatrix Eiko and Quistis all blow everone lese out of the water!

You did NOT just say Eiko…

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You did NOT just say Eiko…

Uh Yeah I did. Eiko rocks with a capital R


You must really hate Eiko, I don’t know why very useful Mage, one of the only mages I like.

Garnet is better. But, I agree with Yuffie, Quistis, and Beatrix. :stuck_out_tongue:




You bet it is

Garnet DESTROYS Eiki or whatever!

Ok, don’t mean to butt in or anything. But I think Terra’s the coolest. She got that ‘half human, half esper can transform into a god-like being’ type of thing goin on, I like that.

Here’s my top five.

#1: Yuffie
#2: Celes
#3: Terra
#4: Garnet
#5: Faris

Beatrix is da best!

Beatrix is cool, one of the best Holy Knights out there in FF.

Faris rocks all their asses, followed closely by Celes. Then, maybe Reina.

I like my women with a balance of strength and femininity. :wink:

Beatrix 0wnz j00

I’m not sure if she has “balance of strength and feminity” as Val says, but I do get the sense that Beatrix is struggling with that [got that sense in disk 3, particularly early on, with the love letter and a maternal/big sister relationship beginning with Dagger]. And having a character struggle to find that balance in her life during the course of the game is even cooler than a character who already has it. [I don’t know if she finds it; I haven’t finished FF9 and I don’t know if I’ll have time to now. She’s the only character who I really care much about at this point, and I got this strange, sneaky suspicious feeling they were gonna kill her off. Fuck that.]

Terra and Celes find it during the course of FF6, so props to Square there.

Favorite female character to play with (that sounds SO wrong) is probably Quistis or Rikku. Though if Beatrix were a regular party member in FF9…

Beatrix, Terra, and Celes (and to a lesser extent Aeris) are from a characterization/artistic standpoint my favorite (I think they were the best done by Square).

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Favorite female character to play with (that sounds SO wrong) is probably Quistis or Rikku.

Well, I think Terra is fine, Rydia has a really sharp tongue, which makes me laugh every time and the FF V girls… well, they seem OK, although I think the game should have more depth in the parts concerning their personal views and the way they deal with the discovery they make much later.

faris. faris pwns all. yeah.

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faris. faris pwns all. yeah.

Zhou, I have only the greatest of respect for you now.