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No Dwarves!??! What’s wrong with you?!


I’ve always thought humans have been the most interesting in fantasy. It is interesting to see them with all these totally different races around.

Originally posted by Izlude
No Dwarves!??! What’s wrong with you?!

Oops! I forgot Dwarves and Goblins…

Shame on you, Manus! hits him round the head with her playstation controller heheheh

Lady, that seems to be your weapon of choice lately, why is that?

I…don’t know. It’s just there. Quite handy. Maybe because I’m probably too small to weild a masamune. heheheh You have a problem with the playstation controller, Heaven’s Soldier? swings the controller threateningly, then cracks up :slight_smile:

No problem, no problem here what’s so ever!! starts laughing too:slight_smile:

Personally I would love to own a katana, those are so cool, but then again, I would love to own a sword. Full stop!

Yeah…sighs They sell swords in a shop called Serendipity, but they’re, like, £200+! :thud: Me getting one is impossible, let alone the whole parental objection thing.

I would have voted for dwarves, but since they aren’t there, elves.

I’d love to own a really massive two handed sword, or a claymore like the types they used to use in Scotland.

I’d like to have a longsword, like the ones made around the Middle Ages…

My ideal weapons: a Masamune, a Buster Sword, a shruiken or double daggers. Heheh, I’m a violent child…

How could I forget the Soul Reaver and a Gatling Laser?! Mwahahahaha!

Gotta Love the Vanaras, the monkey men, From the D&D OA books :smiley:

Where are my catgirls? ;_;

Psh, I’ll go for humans. It’s really nice to see them in the middle of totally strange folks… who have human characteristics but totally different ways of life…



Humans, with elves and hobbits as close runners-up.

Lady Shadowz, have discretion if you are going to buy one of those replica swords; many are of inferior craftsmanship.

As for weapons, I should like a fifteenth-century bastard sword, heavy lance and rondel dagger.

Weapons? Well, I have a dagger already, but I would like a katana or wakazashi, but the thing I want the most is as many shurikens as it is possible to carry (me favorite weapon. Ever.) Well… butterfly swords are pretty cool too…

Humans and elves, hands down. I love both of them for two reasons:

  1. Lord of the Rings

  2. D&D

Like Perc, I also like halflings/hobbits…they’re not the strongest fighters, but they’re definitely fast and serve well as rogues in D&D.