Favorite Diablo II character class

What’s yours?

Mine is Sorc.

Amazon ^^

I love range.


Tough call between Sorc and Druid…

Paladin, all the way!

My Paladin! Capn_X 0wnz j00!

<font color=#C0B3FF>The Sorceress…Mages rule. ^^</font>

Even though they arnt very good… I still love my assassin. :kissy:

My Sorceress is an Archmage
Frozen Orb, Blizzard and Nova
She rock

I also like my Assasin, martial artist

Necromancer, Who can resist bring back annoying enemys as skeletons?:o :o

I just cant help playing with my Ass :wink:

Necro, definately.

Necromancer, cause he’s so necro death kvlt metal

m3h @$$ pwnz j00z

Until I Die, at which point i believe my ass is going to be owned by all you necros :stuck_out_tongue: