Favorite Devil Arm?

Topic. I like Ifrit and Beowulf a lot. Agni & Rudra are cool too.

The Sparda/Yamato in DMC1. For DMC3 I’d say the Rebellion, mostly for Dance Macabre though.

Nooo! I’ ve forgotten the Yamato! I’ll keep track of it personally, sorry…
Yamato: 1

My personal favourite weapons, are Rebellion and Agni & Rudra. They are powerful weapons, that can pull off some impressive combos.

Dante had the Rebellion in DMC 2? Weird o_O
I never played it cause it was supposed to be so bad… so could someone tell me, what was so bad about DMC 2?

All you did in DMC2 was running from point A to point B shooting and slashing. Waaaaaaaaay less depth. Definitely not up to its predecessor.