Favorite Critter?

There should have been a Poll, if I hadn’t screwed this up. Mine are as follows:


Cactuars and Slimes.

And though they aren’t mentioned, I like the Mimics from the Wild ARMs series (open treasure chests with plastic tube arms and wooden hook hands, with wagon wheels to propel them around), and Lippians/Lyps from the Legaia series (three-legged, thin green Pirahna Plant like creatures with big round heads and huge lips).

EDIT: Forgot Kyu-Kyu from Vanguard Bandits.

Overwhelmingly horrible quantities of zerglings. Folllowed by everyone’s favorite cactus on crack.

You know, you can still add the poll, Seraphim…
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So basically, this is “which cutesy creature do you like the most?” or something?

Ponta-kun. Followed by Puchuu.

For those listed: Moogle then Slime

Headcrabs! :smiley:

Hey, go figure… also, allow me to use this chance to say something I’ve thought about for a while: Trillian, that sig thingie fucking ROCKS.

Moogles and Cactuars. Moogles are damned cute :moogle: and cactuars are cool (besides their high EVA and their habit to escape…).

Moogles aren’t just cute, they’re smarter than all the other ones in the poll. So there. :stuck_out_tongue:

Zerglings, Rabbites, and Slimes. I like the way they hop.

Personally, I like chocobos. They just look so soft and nice. Plus you can use them as transport, which makes them even better.

It’s missing Tonberries. :frowning:

But out of these, I picked Cactuar. Because they’re the closest to a Tonberry.


Tonberries are too awesome to be paired with these. I would put them in a “What’s your favorite random enemy” category since their power is so superior.

<!—Yeah, I forgot and I’m trying to cover my ass—!>>>

I’d keep a tonberry as a pet.

I had a little green frog I named Tonberry, when I was younger. He looked more like a small, green blob. Guess I fed him too much. :no2: :runaway:

My favorite is a Chocobo because it is on one of my FF5 cards----

Chocobos and moogles, baby! :cool: Awww yeah!

None of the above… I choose tonberry.

*edit: whoa, tonberry’s have come a long way…

I liked Chocobos the most up untill they stopped saying “Wark” and started with this “Qweh” shit.

At least moogles still say “Kupo”… Fucking chocobos that dont say “Wark” arent real chocobos.

That’s not a real Tonberry, it’s ugly and the head is too big. And where’s the knife?

Actually, Chocobos say “Kweh” now.


That is Tonberry on steriods. Looks like he is holding a sword, instead of a knife. Very bad taste.