favorite computer's brand

Hi, mine’s Hp, Pavilion what about you

I like Anus brand laptops.

PS: Good thread, bro.

Computers own brands, now?

I had braces, can I qualify as a cyborg in the imminent robot revolution?

Seriously though fuck you guys I’m fighting for the machines don’t even

After having a Gateway laptop and deskop hard drive fail on me, I’m now the proud owned of a HP. HP and Walmart are my two new best friends.

My computer’s favourite brand is wholesale.


runs for the hilllls.

Mac, I love everything about it and the way it works with my iPhone. Well, I love everything about it except that the battery on my 1.5 year old MacbookPro is already caput (it doesn’t hold a charge anymore).

Home made or Fujitsu-Siemens.

I think I’ve never had a brand desktop. No complaints.

I’m on a Fujitsu right now, actually.

For laptops I’d go with Asus, its the only brand I’ve actually had decent customer service experience with and they’re pretty well made.

As far as desktops go, you just have to make them yourself if you want any kind of quality. Computer brands fall into two categories:

A: Massive markup
B: Skimp on the things that won’t be listed on the little tag at the store to save money

If you don’t know how to put things together, just find a guide and make a project out of it. Learning is a fun experience and the basic skills learned will help you forever, just don’t learn on a $2000+ computer.

I like Malt-O-Meal, its twice the computer, but in a plastic bag.

I paid a friend to build my current desktop after my attempts at shopping for one with the main vendors failed miserably due to pathetic lack of options.

I thought the HDs are independent of the brand. Like, with my failing HP zd8000 laptop, the HD is a Seagate.

They really are, I just hated Gateway’s customer service. I only bought my laptop from them years ago from them because they had one of their "Gateway Store"s right by my house.

HP so far seems to be much higher quality, at least for now. I think their software and support features are much nicer.