Favorite Combos in FFVI

I was just thinking to myself that FFVI has some incredable combo capacity.

For example, I tend to swap back and forth the Drainer and SoulSaber on Terra when casting magic attacks. This allows her to mantain her health and MP without the use of consumables.

Or equiping the Dragoon Boots and Dragon Horn with the most avalible Lance on Mog, sometimes I turn him into an IMP and use the IMP Halberd but because I value Mog as a healer, it’s not that frequent.

When I don’t have Gogo or Locke in my team, I sometimes equip the theif knife on Shadow, it does a pitiful attack, but the combination of Interceptor and the supporting members are generally enough to cover the loss.

What are your favorite combos?

Vanish + Doom! :D:D:D

I prefer Vanish + X-Zone but that’s just me :mwahaha: .

Although the Gengi Glove/Offeringe with Illumina and Atma is also quite effective.

:ah-ha!: Come now, that just cheep you X-Magic user.

I used to do the “8 Spells in one turn” trick, but then I realized that the game was way too easy by itself to look for cheats.

I use Relm and a Cure Rod equiped Since only she, Strago and Gogo, can equip them. Add Sabin’s Bum Rush, and they are gone, and were are stong.


I always abused the MBlock% trick like crazy. Having invincible characters is always fun.

I always like creating a duplicate save, and then going to the Veldt and using Relm to paint Gau, since, on the cartridge copy, it would mess with your inventory, sometimes good, sometimes bad, but when good, would give you as many atma weapons as you could stand, a definite plus in my book.

I liked giving Celes Force Shield, Force Armor, and Illumina. Blocked every blockable attack, every time.

I turned Setzer into an Imp, gave him all the Imp equipment save the Halberd, and gave him Fixed dice, and Offering. You get an near-invincible character with the ability to top max damage. (Though Terra with the Atma weapon might be better)

The game is far too easy, though. Now, when I play through it, I limit my levels. (Like, I wont’ level anyone past 40, or whatever.)