Favorate Poster?

Charlemagne since he’s wacky

Kamikaze Pilot and Charle, since they are both crazy. Gila and Generic like metal and metal is cool in my book so they are awesome.

Kamakaze Pilot does put the cool back in socialism

Glia and generic have always been awexome

Hades sends me dead cats in the mail so he is lame

Probably Kamikaze/Warsaw Pact, GAP, and Gila. Kamikaze is cool because he isn’t afraid to express his ideals, and GAP and Gila both like metal(And classic rock) so they’re both cool to me. Gila also talks about drugs as much as I do.

I vote Maquiladora for class president!

Shinobi :smiley: <!-- popularity contest! >:( -->

favourite poster? I’d have to say it’s a tie between my Iron Maiden “Powerslave” poster (it’s from the 80’s and my chemistry teacher gave it to me), or my poster of hieronymus bosch’s “The Garden of Earthly Delights”.

oh wait… you meant poster as in person who posts here. whoops.

I’m also shocked that I’m mentioned not once, not twice, but thrice in this thread. That’s a world record.

Probably Kirokokori because I was surrounded by flirtatious girls before I got into compputers, and her attitude keeps reminding me of how far I have fallen.
And simmer

And Pierson because he never defends himself when(and rarely) tries to flame him.(as far as I know.
The same with Setz. Except he is not as funny, and spams.

Yeah, let’s not do this. With me around it’d be unfair to the competition.