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I’ve been lying a lot IRL lately, I’m not sure why but sometimes it just happens. Can’t really say I ever have a guilty conscience about it either. I’m pretty good at it if I do say so myself, but that could be because of the acting I’ve been doing lately. At important moments though, I always tell the truth.

I can’t lie to people I like and trust. The other people, well, that’s a different matter.

I just remembered a tchesk saying that goes “Tell the truth and then run like hell”. Might be a better alternative for those of you who are getting to lie more than you’d wish to.

Well since Zero has already sunk my credibility I might as well add my 2 cents. Zero’s right, I’m an excellent liar, but after working telephone surveys for two years what do you expect. I’m not saying that I lie all the time, if I did that then it wouldn’t work anymore, but I’ll admit I lie just to amuse myself. One time I actually managed to convince a friend of mine I’d stolen his wallet, I don’t remember why I felt like doing so, but after 3 hours of mind games he was so convinced that I’d stolen it that he didn’t even see it sitting on his bag across the room where he’d left it.

The trick to a good lie is to put just enough of the truth in to make it believable, an outright lie is almost never believed, but something small easily goes unnoticed.

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However, I do occasionally pull the “white lie,” i.e., telling the truth, but not the WHOLE truth. ;D

Well, actually a “white lie” is when you lie to protect someone else.
(The opposite of a “black lie” when you lie just to hut someone.
I really wonder what a “red lie” would be like… Probably horribly overleveled…)

Telling just a part of the truth isn’t lying at all, the closest you get is a “half-lie” when you mix about 50/50 truth and lies (which is basically just that you tell a very small lie along with a part of the truth…)

Or, at least that’s what they said on TV…
And you know you have to believe it, 'cause it was on TV :stuck_out_tongue:

But anyway…
I can lie pretty good, but I have to work a bit on my poker face to be able to get away with it more often…
(I’m extremely good at lying over the phone though :P)

I’ve found that lying is only hard when you’re trying to mix it with the truth - that is, either you lie about everything for awhile until you tie all those lies up, or you just tell the truth about everything. I’ve done both from time to time, though I’m more in the truth-telling phase now, not so much for any moral reason as that it helps me keep my focus clear. It’s easier to lie to yourself if you’re lying to everybody all the time.

When somebody asks me a question which I think the truest answer to will hurt them though, I kinda do what Nessa said and just not tell the whole truth. I do try really hard to live the truth though, all the time (especially when I can’t tell somebody the whole truth), and I try to make it so a perceptive person hanging around me for long enough will be able to tell more or less what I’m thinking. I think that’s probably the most important form of “truth-telling” to the outside world, because words are cheap, easily malleable. If somebody acts on the way he thinks, they’re just that much more…open, to the outside world. Much more pleasant. I dunno if I explained it very well.

Oh, and also on the Internet, I’m completely truthful all the time, because here a. I don’t have any negative feelings for anybody and b. you’re all too far away for me to worry about rumors or whatnot spreading. Seriously, ask me anything about anything, and I’ll answer as clearly (what defines clarity depends on the person who’s asking, of course) and truthfully (always the truth) as I know how. The Internet isn’t really worth the drama lying would bring into it.

-Mazrim Taim

I’m afraid I’m a terribly good liar. :o The trick is to lie so well that you even believe it yourself and make it the truth.
I rarely lie though. I’m a pretty honest person and tell people what I think about them if they want to hear it. If not, I tell them anyway. You might have noticed. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think of myself as a pretty honest guy. But sometimes, I know that honest just will not work, and I’ll tell a little white lie, to either spare someones feelings or something. Apart from that I’m honest most of the time.

Totally off topic, but I’d go:

#1: Tie - FF6 and FF11 (apples and oranges…)
#3: FF4
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#5: FF1
#6: FF10
#7: FFT
#8: FF2
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#11: FF8

Need to play 3 and X2

Once in a while, a little white lie is in order. But other than that I don’t lie… much.:hahaha;

An excellent topic!

I prefer to tell the truth, and do on most things, big and small. Problem is, many of my opinions and ideas are quite unacceptable to this society, so in order to go about day-to-day business (applying to college, that sort of thing) I lie like the devil himself. In fact, religion is the biggest thing I lie about - I established myself as an agnostic when I was 15 or so, but my parents still believe I am a practicing Roman Catholic. I’m afraid it’d crush their little old hearts if I told them, as they’re quite traditional (mother still won’t eat meat on Fridays, for those who’re familiar with that old thing). Biggest problem is, my father went through the AA program, so now he’s set on God, and her faith is really the only thing that my mother really enjoys anymore consistently. To have me go rogue on them spiritually…well, I just don’t think they’d take it well. So I lie.