fav things on RPG classics

What is ur fave thing on RPG classics, not a poll.

my fave is maccs HQ

Mine is probably all the nonsensical insulys.

If you hold an apple and say “This is not an apple”, I’m affraid it’s still an apple.

??? what does that have to do with this?

I don’t know. See what I mean? Nonsensical insulys. They’re everywhere.


I like the forums the most; but, I like some of the shrines as well… I haven’t read them all, just some that I actually need to read in order to advance into the game. But, yeah; shrines and the forums. I did like the chat at one point; then I got banned back in May for god-knows-why, and still banned. =/

i ment shrines, eg, Macc’s HQ

I was just banned. I get banned a lot :frowning: It’s so nonsensical in there!

Bleh. I did get banned a lot; then they had enough, and just permanently banned me.

i try to stay on the good side of RPG classics.

That’s the hard thing.

sometimes im too busy to go on rpg claasics. evil teachers and their mindcontroling homework


But yeah,

Edit: Woah, shit. What’s with the stretching the page way out? O_o

T.T;; wtf…

You remind me of myself; just with a typing-impairment, and mentally sound like a robot.

I used to post all the time on the forums. Sometimes making 100 posts a day. This took a lot of my time; and I did nothing else; really. Then my postcount was wiped as amusement to the Gods.

I’ll fix it!

Why is this topic here? By the way it’s turning out, it should be in the ToB, if it were only still here. I think this should be closed and/or moved to the polling forum.

Here and the Fan Art, and Fan Fic. Here, it’s cool. Fan Art: I’m in it! :slight_smile: and Fan Fic: Well, I hope you can figure that part out.

Edit: It did say “This is not a poll” at the top.
I think this is here more as an argumentative place to debate which plae is better.

anyways, back to the question, WHAT is your favcorite RPG classics shrine? WE’LL BE BACK after these messages