Fate/stay night Fate route translated.

Whoa, and just a few days after Melty Blood. Mirror Moon has released the first of three English patches for Fate/stay night meant to separately translate the three major routes, starting with Fate (Saber’s). The other two, Unlimited Blade Works and Heaven’s Feel will probably take another year or so each (At least that’s how long Fate took to get done)


The Good: FSN was a commercial game, which means quality far surpasses that of Tsukihime. Better music too, and Takeuchi improved tremendously as an artist by then.

The not so good: Fate is the route the anime was based on, so at best you’ll see a corrected version of the story (The anime screwed up several things), not much new stuff. More or less, all the really hardcore scenes and any point in which Shirö could kick serious ass is on the other two…

Eh, I’ll wait. Tsukihime only took so long because they didn’t communicate for like 8 months of that year, so now that they’ve gotten their act (Re-ACT LOLOLOL) together it shouldn’t take too long.

Argh. My post didn’t go through. Oh well.

I actually really liked the music for Tsukihime, but maybe the original had an updated version and that was it; I liked EVER AFTER’s too. I’ve only heard one or two tracks from F/SN at the moment since I’ve barely played any of the game, but I think Tsukihime’s music was more touching, to me. Oh well, I guess I just enjoy it a lot especially in these games since you’ll be listening to the same track over for quite a while >_>

I kind of think Tsukihime’s music may be better, but that’s only my opinion ._ .