Fast Food

I like pretty much everything at Burger King…exept the burgers, ironicaly. For that, I prefer McD’s.

Wendys and A&W. Alot of the other ones suck.

Wendy’s is great.

McD’s :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: you want to eat that poison? 10 types of meat in the patty itself are poison and guess what there are 2 cures in the meat to to help fight the 10 types of poison meat. so A&W you got 100% Canadian Beef! so make me a few million! anywho just to tell you guys of thoes who have and will get sick from McD’s So THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU EAT FROM WHERE!:wave:

Where the hell is Jack in the Box or In N Out? Geuss I’ll take BK.

Wendys and Taco Bell. People say all this shit is in the taco bell meat, but ya know what? fuck you, I like taco bell! I’ll eat taco bell!

Well, Always been a Fan of Chicken

mmm, KFC…once ate 15 pieces…No good idea ~_~

Ewww KFC, how could anyone eat that? It is like sucking the fat from a 600 pound womens gut X.x;

McD is almost as bad, but atleast there you get some rat meat.

Wendy’s is okay… so is A&W… personaly, I’ll take Harvies ^^

Mmm… gravy…

But I tend not to eat fast food, if I can help it. So bleh :stuck_out_tongue:



Alltrought McDo got the best fries


erm…By that, i actually mean…err…kill em, and give em to KFC :stuck_out_tongue: