Farewell Toonami! ;_;

After 11 years you shall be missed. :bowser:

Good riddance! They murdered it years ago.

Damn right they did.

…Could someone please explain to me on this? Because so far I have yet to see anything about Toonami disappearing(though it was murdered about two-three years ago).

They’re talking about this:

I really stopped watching it years ago when they moved it to Saturdays. Since then, it’s never really been the same. Those were the days…now there’s hardly anything good on at all.

Go Figure. Just as soon as Scifi starts to become watchable again CN goes and commits suicide (and I’m not just talking about the burial of that walking corpse called Toonami either (i.e. has anyone seen ASs’ new line-up?)). :frowning:

Still it’s hard to hate a block that gave us Big O, Reboot, Rurouni Kenshin, Cowboy Bebop, and ect…

…I am so sad now…I need to do something to make me happy…goes and watches “Alice In Wonderland” I feel better now!!

Jesus, I can’t stand AS and their changing their lineup every few weeks. Annoying as hell. Even worse, they moved Code Geass to 4/5am. What the fuck? Interestingly enough, we actually get R2 right after Season 1 (Maybe…). Still, I could care less for the other stuff they show on Saturday.

I’d watch Sci-fi, but I often forget it’s even on. I’d been watching Noein, but they had a hiatus for a few weeks, so I forgot what even happened.

Scifi’s been showing Gurren Lagan (which kicks ass) and Here and There, Now and Then (DEPRESSING AS HELL, though there’s only one more to go, it’s still DEPRESSING AS HELL). They also show at least one Movie (or OVA) every month (sometimes more) with quality ranging from Macross Plus to Psychic Wars (or from awfully good to so awful it’s good for a laugh at least).

AS on the other hand has Moribito (which also kicks ass), CG (currently in pwnzer mode), Reruns of FMA (after the tenth time, it isn’t the greatest show ever made), and Robot Chicken (they would have Bleach, but right now it’s currently in suck mode so they’re better off pretending otherwise). Everything else they’ve currently got covers the spread from suck to blow.

I have no idea as to what next will hold.