Far Cry

I think that Far Cry is the best shooter since Half Life. Far Cry is far superior than Doom 3 except in the Graphics and Atmosphere department.

It’s a sweet game, if you got the pc to handle, go for it :slight_smile:

Got it when it came out. Hell, it was the first game I played on my new computer. I loved it, and indeed it has better gameplay than DooM3. Quite a surprise.

It DOES? Wow. I wasn’t sure whether to go for Doom 3 or Far Cry, but now that I’ve read your posts, Far Cry all the way! :smiley:

Don’t get me wrong, DooM3 is still good. Far Cry, however, wins for having so much freedom, and yet I never got lost, ALWAYS knew what to do next. DooM3 also never lets you forget what to do next, but its all just corridors.

Also, the AI is good at persuing you over long distances, even calling in reinforcements if needed. Of course, it has its pangs of idiocy, but what AI doesnt? DooM3’s just kinda telports in and leaps at you.

D3 wins for weapons though, the only weapon that seemed cool in FC was when I used the rocket launcher, and thats ecase using ANYTHING ELSE on vehicles either doesnt work, or merely takes out the pilot. Which is satisfying, but its the onyl effective weapon that could get vehicles to EXPLODE. DooM3 had the plasma rifle, chainsaw, and BFG9000. And the soul cube.

Sound and graphics wise, D3 wins, but not by much. FC is still damn beutiful, and has the ambient sounds to make you feel like your’ on a tropical island.

Dammit, I wanna play FC when I get home now.

I dissagre on D3 winning on weapons. They don’t sound like they pack a punch. I mean, the pistol sounds like a toy gun. But the Desert Eagle in Far Cry, or the M4 on single shot, sound AMAZING.

True, true. Now that you mention it, the sounds for the guns were better in FC.

On further thinking, the sniper rifle in FC was the most sniper of sniper rifles I’ve ever seen in a game before. 1.2 KM draw distance = true sniping goodness.

Though Far Cry is superior in some ways…my heart goes out to DOOM3 because A.) I like the graphics more, B.) The weapons are cooler, and C.) DOOM was the pioneer of FPS (Far Cry might not have existed w/out DOOM’s breakthrough), and D.) I still love that feeling of killing imps, demons, and zombies through dark corridors with a classic shotgun.